Soul Quest Orlando – Tips on Running a Business

I run a record store here in Orlando and we are just about to enter into our 3rd year in business. The last three years have been very challenging and most importantly I have learned so much. Soul Quest Orlando has taken its toll on me  but I am just so happy that after many years of dreaming about this, I finally took the plunge and did it. I had no prior business experience and so this was a stumbling block for me at times. Nonetheless we have done well so far and we are even turning a profit! If you have dreams of setting up a business then here are some tips based on my own personal experience.

Pick A Passion

Honestly there were some days, weeks and months where I was all too aware that if I didn’t have a passion for this business then there was absolutely no way I would have put in the work that I did. For this reason my first tip for you is to start a business based on something that you love. Don’t get into business for the money, that will come later, pick something which you enjoy doing and go after that, this will keep you hungry and it will ensure that you love what you do.

Don’t Expect An Easy Ride

Mistakes will happen, errors will be made and money will be lost, you have to just accept that you are going to be in for a rough ride when you get into business. Nobody knows how to perfectly launch a business and the truth is that the only way that you are going to survive and thrive in the future is if you make these mistakes and learn from them. I am still learning every day of course but there are things that happened in the first year of the business which I took great lessons from.

Invest in Marketing

No matter how much capital you have to throw at marketing I would recommend that you do it as it will yield more business and more visibility for your business. I made the mistake of thinking that we couldn’t afford any marketing and it was only in year 2 that we decided to invest, after seeing the success which this brought I have really kicked myself for not doing it sooner. Once you get your business off the ground, spend whatever you can to tell the world about it.

Be Strong

I wanted to create really cool atmosphere in the store which is why in the first year I wasn’t really strong with my staff. Unfortunately however when you give people an inch they will take a mile and this is what started happening to me. It is great if you can be nice to people but don’t let them take you for a ride, this is a business after all and that should come before everything else.

Reputation Management Consultant Reviews – How Rep Management Consultant Fix Your Online Reputation

Every business should give a great amount of focus to the quality and status of their online reputation. Even if you have a business which doesn’t operate online it is absolutely crucial that you pay attention to this metric. There are more and more people who use the internet to find the goods and services which they need, and if your company has a poor reputation you are going to be losing money by way of lost sales. It is for this reason why many companies use a rep management service and if you see the reputation management consultant reviews you will see just how happy their clients are with the service. Let’s take a look at what these companies focus on when it comes to fixing your online reputation.

Social Media

 The content which is on your social media channels should represent the values and the ethics of the business. This is not a place for controversial content or bad jokes, and this is what often gets many businesses in trouble. A rep management company will ensure that the content on your social media profiles falls in line with you business and they will also find the best time to post and the best content which will get maximum engagement.


Your company website should be SEO optimized and it should also feature positive and sharable content about your business. The key is to create content which brings value to the reader and inspires them to share your business on their own social media pages. A well designed and high quality content website will act as the foundation for everything that you do online, this is your shop window.

Negative Content

If there is negative content which features high up the search rankings for keywords that pertain to your business then this can be very damaging and it is something which everyone will see when they search for your business. This content cannot be deleted, that isn’t how the internet works, but it can be hidden through the creation of high ranking positive content. A rep management company will use their contacts and their expertise to ensure that positive content about your business ranks high up the search engine, so that this is what people see when they search for your business online.

Review Sites

One place where reputations can be won and lost is on review sites and it is vital that your business is aware of what is being said. The rep management company will set up alerts so that you know when a review is left, and they will also teach you best practices when it comes to negative reviews. A negative review can be turned into a positive opportunity if you reply in the right way. You need to know exactly what is being said about your business in order to continue to increase your online reputation.


Why invest in business education according to Kelly Curia-Schmidt?

Business education is not just for the business executives in Wall Street or the CEO of some major multinational corporation. It is a field of study that applies to every area of life. It doesn’t have to be studied academically or professionally to be applicable. The whole process of human interaction is business in one form or another. There are numerous definitions of the concept of business derived from many schools of thought. For some, it is an organization where people work together. For others, it is an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. Yet others define it is as an organization or economic system where goods and services are provided and exchanged for money. These are all correct and a common character of all these definitions is interaction and exchange. If you offer a product or service that provides satisfaction to a user, you are in business. Whether on a large scale of small scale, learning about business and understanding its basic principles are very important and makes all the difference in whether a person will be successful in any sector or industry.

The applicability of business knowledge in every industry and personal endeavor

The goal of every industry and enterprise is to make a profit. This is primarily what business enables them to do. It fosters conditions that allow for relationships to be established and favorable exchange to take place. But that is not all there is to business. As earlier stated, business knowledge, basic or advanced, applies in every industry and sector imaginable and professionals like Kelly Curia-Schmidt outline reasons why this is so.

  • Communication is the foundation upon which any successful business is built and Effective communication is a very vital and necessary skill relevant to all industries. The success of any business depends largely on its ability to clearly and effectively explain and market its products and services to customers. It also helps fosters good working relationships between coworkers which further promotes productivity.
  • A good understanding of business also helps in understanding human needs and consumer behavior thus ensuring optimum projection of resources toward profitable areas of investments.
  • Business basics also involve identifying a need or problem and providing services that solve these problems and being rewarded for it, a skill relevant to all industries.
  • Yet another valuable skill a good understanding of business brings that is useful and applicable in any industry is the honing of branding, presentation, marketing and sales skills. Every industry has a product or service it offers to prospective customers in exchange for profit but no matter how good a product is, improper application of these skills will cause it to go unnoticed. Every industry needs people who are skilled in these areas.
  • Business knowledge also aides in developing and sustaining sound financial management skills. The main idea of business is to provide customer satisfaction and make money but an understanding of financial management is what will keep that business afloat. These principles also apply not just to business and industries but even to personal life.
  • It also prepares one to easily adapt to constantly changing economies and the conditions of the market. The mutability of the market makes that one, whether seasoned or amateur, should anticipate change, adapt to it and be visionary enough to see opportunities even in a crisis.

Why proper research is necessary when looking into any business venture 

All of this boils down to being knowledgeable and well informed about certain things. General knowledge provides an advantage such that no matter the place or situation, one is able to be relevant and contribute as the situation requires. This is the value of research and information. It is foolishness to embark on any venture ignorant and uninformed. The result is guaranteed failure. Wisdom demands that proper research on that area is conducted. It enables one to understand the field or industry he intends to venture into and forms the foundation for a successful career ahead.


No knowledge is wasted. Learning about business is not just for those with a suit and tie aspiration. Life is all about relationships and exchange of services to meet our needs and business is the channel through which we are able to satisfy these needs while being rewarded ourselves. It is made of principles that apply to every sector and industry as far as the economy is concerned. Even our personal lives need the wisdom of business principles to run smoothly.

Etargetmedia Reviews and How Email Marketing Helped My Business

I have had my own vegan restaurant and store for over 20 years now in Florida, since way before veganism became as widespread as it is at the moment. Honestly I never got into business to make real money, I wanted to have a business which I cared about and one which would bring enough cash in to keep my family going. About 6 years ago more vegan restaurants popped up here in Florida and I began to lose customers, and money.

I had never spent money on real marketing before so I knew that it was time to change that. My son had read some of the etargetmedia reviews online and suggested that I give the company a try. These guys specialize in targeted email marketing, and for a small investment they have completely turned my business around, and here is how email marketing helped.

Bringing Back

The first step was to try and bring previous customers back into my business, those who had since gone elsewhere. I was able to target these customers and write personalized emails which would really talk to them. I saw a he benefit from this and my old customers began to drip back through the doors. Many of them actually thought that I was no longer in the restaurant game, which just goes to show what a lack of marketing can actually do.

Brand Growth

Something which I was very keen to do was to build a brand rather than just a business, with the idea being to be competitive with the franchises which had opened up nearby. Email marketing became a great way for me to do this as through the process of doing this, you are planting seeds in the minds of the customers. For example let’s say you send an email to prospective customer, inly they don’t click on the email and they don’t bother coming to your store. Then let’s say one day they are in the area looking for something to eat and bang, they see you, it feels familiar so they come in. This has happened to me so many times and then you hear the customer say ‘I’ve seen your emails’ at this moment you know that targeted email marketing is helping you to grow yourself as a brand.

Driving Sales

Ultimately my sales have increased massively since I invested in email marketing and that is because I am able to speak directly to my target market. I am not putting up a billboard which may or may not be seen by my target customers, I am speaking their language and I am directly contacting them in a very personal way. This results in a bigger brand, more business visibility and ultimately it leads to more interest in your business and more cash coming in as well.

If you haven’t tried targeted email marketing then it is something which I would strongly recommend.

Effective ways to break into the forex market

The global forex market is simply huge – open 24 hours a day, five days per week, with a daily trading volume of around $5tn, it is one that many people invest in now. Simple to understand and easy to get into, it is certainly one of the more interesting investment options out there right now.

Trading on the FX market may also be a great idea if you run your own business within Canada. Many Canadian businesses do well but often struggle with using any profits effectively to grow further. Putting them all in a bank savings account is safe but might not give a decent level of return over time. To help combat this, why not think about using some of your spare business profits to invest in forex?

If you have not been involved with this market before though, you may wonder how to go about it. If this is the case, then read on for some great FX tips that should help.

Do your research first

A great first tip is simply to find out more about the FX market and how to trade on it. Knowledge really is power for any Canadian traders, and this is true when it will be your own business’s money at risk. Take the time to read online articles or a few good print books for beginners. These will tell you all you need to know and help you find out more about key concepts such as reading currency charts, money management, and how to set stop loss levels.

Choose the right broker

Another great idea is taking your time to select the right online broker. These are the people who place trades on the market for you and help you to manage your portfolio online. There are lots of them about though and not all are legit! It is generally a good idea to check out online reviews of any broker you are thinking of using and also sticking with well-known names. eToro and FxProare brokers that many businesses trust to trade with, and it is names like this that are worth sticking with.

Draw up a trading plan

The great thing about drawing up a trading plan is that it will help you to profit more in the long term and also save you time when trading. As a busy entrepreneur, you are unlikely to have time to spend hours on FX trading each day. Having a plan written down to follow when you do have a few spare minutes will make it all much quicker. In addition, it will stop you making bad trading calls and give you an edge in the market to work from. To find out the different strategies you could use or examples of trading plans, head online.

Breaking into forex is not hard

The good news for any businessperson in Canada looking to enter the FX market is that it is comparatively easy. As long as you have a little starting capital, a computer and an internet connection, you are all set to go. With the right approach, it could be a lucrative way to put some of your business profits to work.

According to the Top Tech PR Firm, Expect These 3 Marketing Trends to Take Over

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, which makes it difficult to keep up with the current marketing trends. To help out, the top tech PR firm has offered up some insight on three marketing trends that are likely to make a major impact on the way businesses relate to the world.

Social Media Will Become More Controversial Than Ever

Social media is here to stay, but you can expect it to become more controversial than ever before. In the past, social media business account holders believed that engaging friends and followers was a one-way street. But that is no longer the way that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram work.

Instead of delivering content to social media followers in a direct way, businesses are trying a new engagement tactic. Social media is one of the best platforms for gauging the wants and needs of potential customers and clients. It’s about time that businesses use this marketing tool in the proper way.

Here’s how social media is expected to work from here on out. Instead of delivering content in a one-way stream, businesses will simply attempt to get the conversation started. Social media is about social listening, and that is exactly where the world of social media is headed. Instead of using Facebook or Insta as a means for delivering information, it will be used to listen, assess, and then deliver on whatever friends and followers seem to want.

SEO Will Be Applied to Video Content

Video content seems to be taking over the world. One study shows that “video is shared 1,200% more than both links and text combined.” Forbes says that “videos are highly engaging and have the chance to reach a larger number of users and develop strong emotional connections with viewers.”

This is why video content is being focused on more than ever by small businesses and large corporations alike. Not only that, but video content is being created to follow SEO standards, just as informational content containing words would be. Trying to rank for a video is nothing like ranking for a blog post, so many marketers will find this new task challenging.

Email Marketing Will Become Less Spammy

Email marketing is nothing new, but this digital marketing practice is expected to change drastically in the years to come. Many email marketing campaigns come off as spammy – in fact, a good amount of marketing-related emails end up in a person’s Spam, Trash, or Promotions folder. What else do you expect from emails sent out to thousands of people for marketing purposes?

This is all about to change. Email marketing is about to get way more personal than it has ever been before. Studies show that consumers prefer to be targeted in a more personal way, rather than just clumped into the “potential customer” category. With a more personal email marketing campaign, customers are found to feel a stronger sense of loyalty to the company.

Whether You’re Trying to Find Farm for Sale or Invest in Commercial Real Estate, Follow This Advice

Entering the world of real estate can be a daunting task. Even if you are ready to hit the ground running to find farm for sale or invest in a commercial property, there is a lot involved that can set you back. It is easy to get discouraged early on as you visit potential real estate investments that fall within your budget, but they also fall short of your expectations.

Although it can be difficult, try not to become discouraged. Investing in real estate is one of the smartest things an individual can do, especially when it is done in the proper way. When you follow these tips, you’re much more likely to find success with a real estate purchase – no matter if it is for personal or business reasons.

No Matter What They Say, Location Does Matter

The first thing that is likely to be said when discussing smart real estate is the age old saying “location, location, location.” No matter what anyone else says, location really does matter. In fact, it matters so much that it should be the very first consideration made.

This is especially true if you’re on the market for a vacation rental property or commercial building. Even if this will serve as a personal home, location matters. Nobody want to live next to a landfill or a homeless shelter. Location can also determine whether the property value is likely to go up or down.

Consider the Tax Benefits

HuffPost says that “the people who run our government want private investors to provide housing for people. That’s because they know that if private investors don’t provide housing, then the government will be responsible for it. To that end, Uncle Sam offers significant tax benefits to real estate investors.”

This essentially just means that it is possible to find a property that offers significant tax benefits. This is especially true when purchasing an investment building that has depreciated in value since the purchase date. According to tax laws in many areas, the property owner is able to include this depreciation as a tax write-off.

Check Your Credit Report Early On

Unless you’re extremely well off in the financial department, there’s a good chance you’ll need to borrow some money for your property purchase. As long as you can prove you have a solid income, it’s fairly easy to get a mortgage. However, there could be some issues if you have a less-than-ideal credit report.

Individuals with low credit scores might not even realize that this low score is due to a mistake, and it’s not actually a fault of their own. Of course, sometimes credit score problems are legitimate, but as long as you keep up with paying bills your credit should be fine. It’s important to check into your credit score often. Before asking for a loan from the bank for a property investment, always resolve any issues surrounding a low credit score.

Is influencer marketing right for your brand?

Influencer marketing is one of the biggest trends to watch in 2019 and it is growing month on month. There are a number of big companies who are currently dominating the influencer marketing industry, but it also works well for smaller, local businesses too. Over 93% of professionals say influencer marketing is effective for building brand awareness. If you’re looking to get into influencer marketing and not sure where to start or if it’s even right for your company. UK Car Finance are here to breakdown the basics of what influencer marketing is, the benefits and disadvantages and how to decide whether it’s right for you.

What is influencer marketing?

The original form of influencer marketing started with celebrity endorsements, but it has grown to be much more than this in the digital world. Influencer marketing is when a business or company collaborates with an influential person to promote a product service or campaign. Instead of targeting a whole market, you target an individual who has a valued status in your industry and have them promote your products or services. Brands form partnerships with key individuals who promise to expose their audience to a brands’ message or content. The main benefit of influencer marketing is the exposure that companies can gain. It is not about choosing influencers with the biggest audience, but the influences that are right for your niche and making new connections.

For the brand, influencer marketing is about finding a brand advocate who will promote their products or services to their following. Brands want to find an influencer who is engaging, active, well respected and connected to their brand. For the influencer, they have probably put a lot of time and effort into building their online presence and their following. People will naturally follow people they like, can engage with and look up to. So, it’s important for an influencer marketing relationship to be beneficial and right for both parties.

Influencer marketing has come a long way and there are many different forms of influencer marketing. The most common misconception is that influencer marketing is mainly z-list celebrities promoting teeth whitening products on Instagram. The majority of influencers tend to be celebrities, industry experts and thought leaders, bloggers and content creators and micro influencers. There are effectively around 8 different types of influencer marketing, but there can be more. Each one can be more suited to different brands and audiences.

Types of influencer marketing can include:

– Host giveaways. Competitions and giveaways are one of the easiest ways to get comments and shares. Influencers share competitions or giveaways to win a brands’ products.  

– Social media takeovers. This type of influencer marketing gives your dedicated influencer full control over your social media platforms for an hour, day, few days or week depending on what you want. This method can be used to talk about a product and answer fans questions.
– Affiliate marketing. This is a great way to create online partnerships with other brands. Affiliate marketing is when an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales.

– Sponsored social media content. One of the most commonly known influencer marketing strategies is when companies pay influencers to promote their business through specific posts and guidelines to their social media following.

– Gifts. Some companies will give away their products for free to influencers in exchange for a specific post written about the product and shared on the influencer’s social media.

– Sponsored blog posts. You can pay influencer blogs to post about your company on their blog. Well respected and popular blogs can have a massive impact and paying for links or mentions on these sites can get you lots of traffic back to your site.

Benefits of influencer marketing:
Due to the fan base that influencers have already built, the audience for your product is already there. Through influencer marketing you can quickly build your brand and raise awareness but there are also many other benefits of use influencer marketing in your marketing strategy.

  1. Builds trust
  2. Increase brand awareness
  3. Provides content for your social and marketing strategy
  4. Reach your target audience
  5. Build partnerships
  6. Become an industry expert

Drawbacks of influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is massive and the return on investment can be really impressive. But are there any drawbacks to influencer marketing?

  1. It takes time and effort

Before you start an influencer marketing campaign, it does take a lot of research. You should outline our marketing goals and what you want from your influencer marketing. Finding the right influencer for your brand can be time consuming. You will need a proposal for your chosen influencer that states the terms and conditions of your partnership, create content and proof it and also decide how you want to measure your results.

  • Results are not guaranteed

Influencer marketing does work well for a lot of brands but when you’re just getting started, there’s no guarantee that your campaign will take off. You could have amazing content, but your influencer lacks enthusiasm which can be detrimental to your campaign.

  • Hard to track results
    Influencer marketing is trackable, but it can be harder to track than other marketing and will depend on what your influencer marketing goals are. It’s quite hard to track results manually but many influencer marketing platforms provide analytics on your campaigns.
  • Mistakes can be detrimental

There are a few common mistakes that could end up costing you your brand reputation. To meet advertising standards, the influencer must disclose that the post is an advert, especially on platforms like Instagram. Failing to do so can damage your reputation and cost you money.

Is influencer marketing right for you?

It can be tricky knowing whether influencer marketing will work for your brand or not. There are some industries such as fashion, travel & lifestyle and healthcare that really thrive with influencer marketing. But it doesn’t mean that influencer marketing is for everyone. Influencer marketing is all about perception and status. People like to invest in a lifestyle so promoting products that appear to have a high-end status can thrive in the influencer marketing industry. You should also think about your service or product that you want to promote and the appeal that it has. Influencer marketing may come easier for industries that have mass appeal. It’s also easier for your influencer marketing to take off when you already have a strong social media presence. It’s not the be all and end all but it might be a good idea to build your social presence organically first before adopting influencer marketing into your strategy. Influencer marketing is about trust and reputation and trust is also a crucial factor in the buying process. New products or companies can struggle with influencer marketing as they have no or little reviews from customers. When consumers aren’t sure about a company or service, they tend to read reviews or feedback to get advice from other customers. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to build your brand and gain positive reviews before you dive head first into influencer marketing.

About the author: UK Car Finance are a car finance provider who help drivers take back control of their car finance deal. Using intelligent tools such as their car finance checker you can check your credit online for free without harming your credit score. They also provide many thought leadership pieces on all things finance, motoring and business related.

SEO: A Simple Way to Make Online Marketing More Engaging

If you are looking for the best marketplace where almost all goods or services can be found, the Internet provides it all. By typing in exactly what you need, or even in the form of a query, the search engine can provide all the relevant results until you find the best site for what you need. This platform is seen as very beneficial for e-commerce since marketing is made easy for businesses.

But customers’ appreciation varies depending on the type of online marketing strategy used. An example of this is the pop-up online advertisements that some online users find annoying instead of inviting. It’s a good thing that other methods exist to drive potential customers to the site for sales, like search engine optimization or SEO. This concept has created a new avenue for e-commerce and internet marketing that is very valuable in creating and promoting websites. Although it may sound simple, SEO plays a vital role for businesses because it improves the internet-user experience and gives fair play in the search results.

Informative rather than promotional

One of the features that SEO provides is that it does not only promote a product or service, but it gives information before leading users to the website. The SEO content does not directly discuss what is being offered but instead expresses in an informative way such as giving tips, ideas, and facts to help users understand first what they need to know about the goods or services they want to use. The value that SEO provides creates a natural link to customers and businesses without the hustle and bustle of hard-core marketing.

Responsive to specific online searches

To optimize a website to rank higher and get more traffic from search engines, SEO should be responsive to a particular online search to affect the online visibility of a website. And since there are online standards to meet, local SEO services should preserve the highest quality of materials used to maintain the credibility of the businesses on the online platform. And since search engine tools are designed with natural-language search capabilities, all relevant results will be provided to the user that can lead to the exact website they are looking for.

Simple terms are used

Aside from being informative, the terms used in SEO are simplified to make them easier to understand by the users. With this kind of handling, people who search online tend to click results that are presented in a way that they do not need to search for the meaning of highly technical words used in an article.

Can be easily digested by users

Online materials are of high value when users can understand their content quickly, and that is what SEO is intended to serve. This simple yet straightforward method engages people to share the information making the users themselves part of the optimization process because they share the helpful websites with other people too.

SEO is about understanding what online users want to know or discover. And providing them with what they need is what makes SEO an effective online marketing strategy.



4 Important Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Digital marketing is no longer the way of the future; it has been a key player in the marketing world for several years and will remain to be that way. If your company has not started to utilize digital marketing trends yet, it is about time to get started.


Every single day new technologies are being introduced to help a company market itself. In addition to common marketing techniques like SEO and social media posts, new and advanced digital marketing strategies are coming into play.


Wondering about the new strategies for this year? Here are 4 game-changing digital marketing trends of 2019 that your business should start using.


Artificial intelligence


Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “artificial intelligence” over and over, but do you actually know what it is? To put it simply, artificial intelligence is basically just rapid-fire data analysis performed by computers. One example of this new marketing technology is gathering data to figure out who your target audience is. This data could be collected from a variety or sources, including social media and review sites.


Smart speakers


We all know who Alexa is thanks to Amazon’s virtual assistant device that was released in 2014. Some people start and end their day by chatting to Alexa. Nobody realized the magnitude of the voice-activated smart speaker at the time, but businesses are starting to take more advantage of it. No, we don’t mean that businesses around the world are investing in the Alexa system.


But they optimizing their websites for voice searches so more and more consumers are investing in smart speakers. This means they are incorporated phrases within their website that are commonly used when asking Alexa a question. By doing this, there is a better chance that Alexa will answer with your company in mind.




Chatbots started becoming popular last year, but they have continued to gain traction in 2019. A chatbot is a computer program that is designed to converse with human users, usually over the internet. We’re not talking about an in-depth conversation here.


Chatbots are mostly used to answer customer questions that happen over and over, such as “where is your office located?”. Chatbots are typically used as a mode for customer service and answering questions that are likely to happen. Not many companies have investing in this digital marketing trend yet, but it is expected to grow over the next few years.


Marketing through local influencers


If you run a smaller business that caters mostly to people in your local area, this one’s for you. We have all heard of Instagram influencers in 2019, but there is also someone called a local influencer. It is not always possible to have a famous Instagram influencer or celebrity promote your product, so you should try to get a local influence to promote for you.


This does not just mean people located in your geographic area. It can also mean hiring an influencer who is specific to your market. You can find people like this by trolling social media platforms. Once you’ve figured out a few solid influencers specific to your business, send them a message to see if they’d be interested in taking a picture or writing a blog post about your product.






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