Networking Skills for Women

To Speak Is to Be Human

To speak is to be human and it is one of our greatest gifts. Communication is the key to advancing at every level of life. Many people fear networking, small talk, and letting people know who they are and what they do. It is our belief that we simply frame these things completely wrong, and that is where a lot of anxiety comes from. In this article, we will give you some ideas about overcoming your fear of networking and business development. This is a very important skill that you must master to become truly one of the greats in your industry. What is awesome is that everyone who is likely reading this article has the ability to speak, they have the ability to connect with people, and they are people who have value.

Speaking While Female In Business

One of the biggest difficulties that women have in business is that they are often ignored. Women have a very unique style of speaking that is much different from men. We know that we live in a society that tells us that we are all the same, but that simply isn’t true. We are not all socialized the same way based on gender and sex, we don’t all have the same neural chemical makeup. There is a ton of data on the communication differences between men and women. More importantly, there’s a lot of information about how women are looked upon differently in the world of business. You can choose to see this as an immovable roadblock, or you can choose to see it as an obstacle that you are most specially created to overcome.

More Real Estate Business

Real estate is naturally one of the easiest businesses to navigate when it comes to networking. Real estate networking can be so beneficial to an agent or investor. Everyone needs a home, everyone eventually buys a place to live, and so many people can benefit from what you have to offer. One of the biggest things and worries that women often have is that they do not know their worth. In general, people who work in any type of sales environment do not take themselves seriously enough. They do not take it upon themselves with pride to say that they are a salesperson or a real estate agent. If they would take the opposite approach, they will find a much easier path to networking and finding new clients.

Networking Is Natural

Networking is just as easy as having any other type of conversation. It is how you frame these things that often make them a lot more difficult than they truly are. When you think of networking as this thing you have to do, when you make it represent something that is huge and mighty, you cannot help but have fear and anxiety around it. When you learn to treat networking like any other conversation, it becomes a lot easier. You quickly learn it is just like having any other conversation. Find people that are looking for what you have to share. If you’re looking for clients, just let as many people know what you are doing. If you want to find friends within your industry who could also help you, simply talk to them about what they have going on.

Take Interest

One of the biggest complaints that we hear when it comes to networking is that people simply do not know where to start. Women in business have very unique issues that other people do not have, so they always feel this tremendous gap between them and other people in the business world. When it comes to real estate, you have a lot in common with other real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other ancillary positions that deal with your industry. By simply taking an interest in what other people around your industry are doing, you will find it quite easy to create a networking group.

Others Are Afraid

One of the most interesting things that people have to realize is that other people are just as afraid as you are. The majority of people do not know how to network, they do not know how to work a room, they do not know how to find mentors and allies. If you take it upon yourself to be the one who broaches these conversations, then you put yourself in the middle of all the action. Calling different women together, pulling men together who could potentially be allies, is a great way to get going. Simply working as a great middleman is one way to overcome the fear of networking.

Create a Team

One of the best things that a woman can do when it comes to networking is to create a team. There is power in numbers. Creating a team of other women that you work on your career skills with will take you a lot further than simply going it alone. Most importantly, simply getting active in the networking communities that you have in your area will help you tremendously.

Simple Professional Business Texting Etiquette Rules

Business texting is one of the ways to get the word out about your company. You can inform both your existing and potential clients what you are up to. Be it new products, services, discounts, and offers. And by using business texting, your recipients get first-hand information, in the shortest time possible. Another advantage is that you get fast feedback that will help you make the necessary changes to better your business.

Well, as simple as it may seem, a lot of companies have fallen short of this service because of not sticking to professionalism. The line between professional and casual is very thin, and a few people have failed. And so to avoid this eventuality, follow the following tips for business texting  to keep growing.

  1. Text Professionally

This part should definitely go without saying, but it cannot be emphasized enough. First, you do not just text anyone but one that you have already established a formal relationship with. Secondly, the kind of language you chose to use must be official keeping away from slang and other jargon. This will eliminate all possibilities of a sensitive client getting offended or not understanding. Keep away from mother tongues as well. Instead, use official languages such as English that most people understand.

  • Observe Timing

You must only send texts out during working hours and only when the client is available. This is to avoid scenarios that the client will brush them off. Additionally, consider texting when the recipient is otherwise not very busy that they will ignore your text. The best times to send them out are during tea breaks and lunch breaks when they have their phones at hand.

  • Keep It Brief

This point cannot be stressed enough. No one has the time to go through two or three paragraph-long messages. Keeping it brief and straight to the point is probably the best way to go about it. Use easy to understand language and in the shortest length as possible. Involve only the relevant information and avoid giving too much info as well.

  • Know When To Call

To avoid being annoying and the eventuality of someone blocking your number, know when to call. As an agent doing a follow-up, be sure to call a client who has shown a bit of interest to your text. Then and only then will you be in a better position to engage the client. Cold calls are an option, but most times, they are unsuccessful. Just like texting times, call during breaks so that your client will be free.

  • Reply ASAP

Once you have sent a text out to a client and they have responded, do not waste time and reply promptly. This will create confidence and strengthen your relationship. It assures them that you are there to serve them, which is an advantage to you and your company.

  • Sign Off Respectfully

Lastly, while you finish off your text, end with a respectful way. Thank them for their time and assure them that if they have any question that they should contact you.  Avoid using dominant language, but instead, use a polite and friendly tone.

3 Tips on How to Optimize Your Mobile App

It’s no secret that smartphones have become a big part of everyday life. 68% of American adults own a smartphone. Because of this popularity, it’s important that you keep this point-of-contact in mind while building your marketing strategy.

Creating a mobile app for your business can be a great way to to take advantage of smartphone usage. However, the app market is very competitive and most users aren’t interested in having dozens of apps on their phone. Consumers can be picky, so it’s important that you read up on app development so that you can build an app that people will want to come back to.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your mobile app. If you’re seriously considering building a mobile app I suggest reading this guide from Digital Authority Partners. It is the most in-depth article ever on the topic of mobile app development.

Otherwise, here are my top 3 tips.

  • Keep it On-Brand

Your mobile app content and design should fit well with your website, marketing campaigns, social media, or any other content that you send out to your audience. This will make for an easy transition for people who are already familiar with your business and the content that it puts out.

By focusing on your brand during the app-building stage, you create another avenue to express your company values and build customer loyalty. If your app looks one way, your website looks another way, and your social media accounts are also different, people won’t know who you are. You’ll confuse your audience and you will look disorganized.

Make sure that all of the content that you put out, no matter the medium, all represents your business in the same way.

  • Add Value

Nobody wants pages and pages of apps on their phone. If your app is only giving your audience the same information that is on your websites or in your emails, why would they need the app? What would be the point?

Your app needs to give your audience something that they can’t get anywhere else, whether that be a loyalty program, early notifications for sales, or exclusive coupons. It doesn’t need to be something crazy, it just needs to be different.

These programs and incentives can also give you some insight into what products or services your audience is most interested in. You can use these insights to create a data-driven marketing strategy.

21% of smartphone users stop using an app after only one use2. While this number is on an upward trend, it is a slow upward trend. Many apps see a significant dip in engagement after the first time it is opened.

This tells you that your app is not meeting some expectation of your audience. Maybe your users didn’t feel that they benefit from regular usage of your app. Make your value abundantly clear in that first use. Give users a quick guided tour or offer a coupon for signing up. Users need to see the value of your app and they need to be able to see it quickly. Otherwise, you risk losing a fifth of your potential traffic.

Another thing to keep in mind is that smartphone users don’t want too many apps on their phone. Typically, they use just a few apps. Only 16% of people say that they use more than 10 apps on a regular basis.

Your app doesn’t need to just be valuable, it needs to be a higher value than your competitors. If your competitor has an app that your audience uses on a regular basis, you will have to find a way to take their place. Use your mobile app to help you stand out and convince your audience to prioritize you over your competition.

  • Don’t Skimp on the Design

Just like your website or marketing emails, a bad design will result in low engagement. Whether it’s an unattractive design or a difficult to use one, it can make all the difference in the success of your app. Even if you have great, meticulously compiled content, it could be completely ignored because of bad design.

As I said before, around 1 in 5 apps are only used once before they are abandoned. But, what does it look like for apps that are used repeatedly? The answer is: not great. Even for apps that are visited more than once, there’s only about a 30% retention rate after 3 months.

Because these numbers are so slim, you have to be meticulous in planning every aspect of your app. If your app is hard to navigate or hard to read, even the people who find value in it will likely stop using it. The odds are not in your favor, so you have to do everything you can to help your app survive.

At the foundation of a good design is easy navigation. Your content doesn’t matter if your audience doesn’t know how to get to it. Use menus that drop down or slide out from the side of the screen so that they are easily accessible without trying to cram too much info onto the screen at once.

Also, use bright, interesting, and clear designs that are pleasing to the eye. This will encourage users to look around more and stay on your app for longer. The longer they look around, the more potential there is that they will find value in your app.


Optimizing of your app is essential to its success. A less-than-amazing app probably won’t survive. If your users don’t find value or they find more value in one of your competitors, your app is just a couple of clicks away from being uninstalled.

If you’re going to take the time to create an app, make it a worthwhile investment. Check out what your competitors are doing and do it better. Stay focused on your brand and the needs of your audience so that you can create an app that will encourage engagement and be an effective tool in building your business. Or work with an agency that can help.


7 Essential Elements to Communicate Your Brand with Logo

Logo branding is a visual representation of a company or any organization, which is designed to convey a specific image and/or message. For this purpose, the design process should be done carefully to ensure that the required meta elements have been captured.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 7 elements that logo branding experts have been evangelizing. Each logo design must encompass all these variables by combining the text, an image, the color of the text and the image, and the right composition ratio to deliver appropriately. And a good logo design software usually covers these elements.

First, simplicity.

A good logo is simple and eye-catching. It doesn’t make people squinting their eyes when looking at it nor making them think just to comprehend what it’s about. Something simple can be quite memorable and distinctive.

Second, identification.

A logo must identify the logo owner. For this, in addition to a graphic image with distinctive colors, usually, there is a text involved as well, which can be the name of the business or a trademark. With a business name generator, a startup entrepreneur can experiment with various word options.

Third, timelessness.

A good logo must be timeless, meaning it can be enjoyed and appreciated for many decades or, even, centuries. The Johnnie Walker whiskey, for instance, has a logo that withstood time since 1820. Still, almost 2 centuries later, it’s still as legendary as ever.

Fourth, appropriateness.

The overall design of the logo, the image, and the text should portray what the organization wishes. Also, it must be suitable for the targeted personas and specific demographics. For instance, if the product is of a particular gender or interest, the brand must reflect the appropriate values.

Fifth, sophistication.

Here, the term “sophistication” doesn’t mean “looking expensive or complicated.” Rather, it refers to sophistication as a value of seriousness or advancement. For instance, a logo intended for toys for primary school children shouldn’t look sloppy and poorly design. Instead, it should look sharp and age-appropriate, which is “sophisticated” in its own way.

Sixth, differentiation.

Any logo that’s identical to an existing well-known brand is likely to be an infringement of a trademark. This being said, any resemblance to a current logo that belongs to someone else or another company shouldn’t be used. A good logo is different from other logos, and the distinctive variables are apparent.

Seventh, memorability.

A good logo is easy to remember. Simplicity, differentiation, and identification are the essential traits in creating a memorable logo. The key is making sure that people don’t need to think too hard to visualize it in their mind or to say the brand out loud.

In conclusion, communicating brand power through logo requires a deep understanding of the brand owner, the product, the organization’s values and philosophy, the targeted personas, the demographics of users, and the principles of logo branding. With care and insights, designing a good logo should mark a significant milestone of a company. And when the logo becomes a part of a strong brand, its longevity can be almost guaranteed.

About the Author
Jennifer Xue is an award-winning author, columnist, and serial entrepreneur based in Northern California. She is also a digital strategist for Oberlo. Her byline has appeared in Forbes, Fortune, Esquire, Cosmopolitan,, Business2Community, Addicted2Success, Good Men Project, Positively Positive, and others. Her blog is

How to Thrive In As an Expat – 3 Ways Sure to Help

As an expat living in a foreign country, it is crucial to understand the new culture of your adopted country while ensuring you don’t over stretch yourself. This will surely help you to finding the right balance adapting to the new environment and still being your real self.

Fitting to the new country has always been the major challenge expats used to have over the years. However, if you adopt the 3 following tips, you will not only enjoy your new country but you would even thrive!

  1. Learn the Language

There is no way you can run away from the cobweb of language barrier, whether you had the basic knowledge of the new language or you did not. It is must for you to channel some energy and time to learn the language as it will not only make you understand their values but also appreciate and respect them.  Of course, being a native English speaker does it good by helping you through your new non-English speaking environment. However, you will be better off if you can communicate in the local language as this will give you that edge as compared to the other expats in the country.

You will be highly appreciated for your effort in learning their language and you will be saved from their possible bad plots. Surely, language learning can really be a curse sometimes if you are a complete beginner but trust me; you will enjoy it well by attending few classes.  You are always free to choose your preferred method to get the basic knowledge of the language, improve on it and try becoming fluent. There are many ways way to do this, one of which is to watch videos course online.

  1. To Date Locally Using Tinder

Tinder still remains one of the best and most popular apps when it comes to meeting with people in your proximity. Therefore, as an expat you will not want to be left out of this fun of meeting new people being locals or the foreigners like yourself inhabiting your new environment.

Tinder is so great in that it is usually easy to operate, the app is designed for mobile users with a great layout and you can be sure that the clarity is good of a deal and it is a perfect fit when waiting for the bus. Guess what? You can even use Tinder at work if you have a VPN!

  1. Keep in Touch With Your Home Country

Being an expat does not make you a complete stranger to your home country and so, it is incumbent upon you to always stay in contact with your people at home because one day you will surely be going back there.

It is crucial also note that the new life in the new environment will surely take a toll on you in terms of how you see your home country now from the way it used to be before. Let it be said that your bi-cultural identity should not push you into rejecting the culture of your home country.

More importantly, never neglect staying in touch with friends and family in general, with the help of emails, WhatsApp, Skype and lots more; only then you will actualize this goal.


Key Benefits of Cloud Archiving Your Emails

If an organization is to be successful, they have to effectively and safely manage their electronic correspondence in the long term. Most communications, nowadays, regardless of how large an organization is, are performed using electronic systems. Unfortunately, this also means receiving a lot of spam messages and other unwanted messages. To top it off, businesses have to be able to comply with eDiscovery requests by law. One way to achieve all of this is through proper email archiving solutions. Let’s take a look at its key benefits.

  1. You Can Search Quickly, Hence Productivity Will Be Increased

In the past, if you were to receive an eDiscovery request, or other such type of request, it would mean a staff member would have to go down to the archives and sift through page upon page of information, reading one disk after another. Now, all you have to do is type a few keywords into your search option, and the system will find it for you.

  1. You Will Be Compliant with all Relevant Laws

Numerous laws now exist about eDiscovery requests that all businesses have to be compliant with. Good email archiving solutions are fully compliant. This means that, should you face legal action, you can always access the relevant correspondence.

  1. IT Costs Will Be Lower

Before the cloud, IT departments had to spend a huge amount of their budget on storage, retrieval processes, complex backup systems, and more. Today, however, they can spend their budget on actually developing the IT infrastructure, because the email storage is kept on the cloud. The cost of email archiving is peanuts compared to the cost of having your IT department hold responsibility over it.

  1. You Can Quickly Restore Your Data

Most agree that one of the greatest benefits of email archiving is that you can restore your data very quickly. In fact, it takes just a few seconds to put something back where it was. You can do that whether you archived by accident, or whether things have changed and you simply want it back.

  1. Your Mail Servers Won’t Be Overloaded

This is another very important issue. Because your system manages every email that comes in, it also ensures you don’t get flooded with spam email anymore. This is very good for the overall quality of your server.

  1. You Are Protected Against Information Loss

If you don’t store your data on the cloud, there is always a chance that something will go horribly wrong. For instance, a natural disaster could destroy your backup source. Or a clumsy employee could spill their coffee on their computer. Either way your data will be lost forever. By using a cloud based service, no matter what you do to your machines, the information will still be readily available.

  1. Your Data Will Be 100% Secure

By using email archiving solutions, your data will no longer be stored on a local server, but rather by an external provider. This means that the responsibility for safety and security lies with them, something that they are very good at.


If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela. This quote embodies the importance of language both in our personal and professional lives. In an organization, effective communication skills are extremely valuable. Both verbal and non-verbal communication strategies are continuously honed to achieve solution and success for the company. In lieu of globalization, companies should also focus on effectively communicating to international business partners and consumers by availing certified translation services of the highest quality that read as if they were originally crafted in the target language. In this manner, it helps alleviate language barriers and cultural differences in the workplace thereby decreasing errors especially operations-wise due to miscommunication. Translation services can also be utilized during international transactions especially for the export industry. In line with this, employees, managers in particularly should be careful in communicating to avoid terms which are politically and culturally offensive.

Moreover, effective communication promotes efficiency among different departments since trust and rapport are built within teams. Leaders are able to command working standards without being hostile and rude. Thus, productivity, responsibility and respect are valued and upheld. Consequently, the employees’ morale is developed since effective communication produces a conducive and healthy work environment. If the management are able to provide and maintain good communication, employees will appreciate it. It has been proven that effective communication in the workplace is vital in maintaining employee motivation. When professional relationships are improved, management and employees would coordinate better resulting to harmonious decisions. Hence, end goals are easier to achieve. Poor communication streams and skills lead to poor customer service, high employee and product turnover, lack of productivity and even uncomfortable workplace.

Breaking barriers in professional communication

Like other important facets in organizational management, effective communication also has barriers. It is important to identify these barriers in order to avoid these mistakes and

efficiently maintain healthy business communication lines.

  1. Poor listening skills

This is one of the most common barriers in the workplace. Not listening happens when one does not have any desire or concern in the conversation. In addition, differences in ideas and self-entitlement also affects not listen deliberately. To avoid this, ensure that meetings and brainstorming is done in a quiet room. It is also important to maintain professional respect so that listening is easier to do.

  1. Perceptional barriers

We all have different outlooks and perspectives. While its normal that we view things differently, it is important to also remember other views and opinions. In this manner, we would learn new processes and approaches in dealing with problems in the workplace. Keep an open mind for you can also deduce bright and creative ideas from others.

  1. Misunderstanding non-verbal signals

Some body signals such as raising of brows, shaking your head and waving your hands in a particular direction will send negative messages even if you do not intend to. To avoid these, one must be aware of his or her nuances and assess whether they send negative messages.

  1. Making assumptions

Assuming can be dooming; when in doubt, check it out.” This is an important reminder everyone, especially for leaders to not make an assumption more so decide something based on it. Assuming things will most likely make you miss on crucial information thereby increasing your susceptibility to grave mistakes.

  1. Emotional and psychological problems

These problem can distract you to effectively communicate to others, whether personally or professionally. Moreover, emotions play a vital role on our ability to focus. To avoid barriers that can arise due to these problems, it is important to seek help so you can cope healthily. It also pays to make your closest confidants know your situation so they would not misinterpret you.

Stop damaging your bottom line with missed leads!

Missed Calls? Missed Sales, Missed Profit!

Did your business reach its full potential last year? Did you successfully answer every incoming sales call to your company?

Or are you missing calls coming into your business? In turn, does this mean you missed out on potential sales last month? This could be the big profit you missed out on last month.

Reveal your hidden profits

A bespoke telephone system can fix all this for you. Not only are you able to monitor and record all ingoing and outgoing calls for your business – they are also designed to keep callers on the line for longer, meaning your sales potential increases.

Call management solutions track and measure every that is made to and from your business. You can see a real-time breakdown of statistics for your calls throughout the day which you can use to manage your staff performance.

Identify trends as they appear

Identifying key trends can be make or break for some businesses which is why it is important to have a proper structure in place. For example, it can help you identify that your business receive the highest amount of calls at a certain point of the deal – this is where you may reorganise the team so that you have the sufficient quantity and quality of your staff to handle to calls at that specific time.

You certainly wouldn’t want those potential sales calls to go unanswered. At the same time, your system may help you identify the quietest times of the weeks in which you may consider limiting the number of staff on the premises at that time.

By recording and reporting such statistics helps a business to maximise their sales opportunities. It is important for any business; small, medium or large that they reach their maximum sales potential and waste as few opportunities as possible.

Likewise, if you have to put a caller on hold, it is important that they are not kept silent during their wait. This can be fixed by having either music or a message playing whilst they are on hold. All good business telecoms companies offer this service, or also supplying them with advertising on hold.

Callers hanging up so quickly would mean further missed sales opportunities, so it’s important to get this sorted out for your business.

Ecommerce Efficiency: Cloud Hosting Questions Every Business Needs to Ask

If you’ve been researching web hosting for your business, you’ve probably run into the term cloud web hosting at a few of the better hosting providers. Since the technology is relatively recent, not every web hosting service usually offers it. It can even be a challenge at times coming by much information on what exactly it is and how it presents an improvement over the technologies that came before it. Rather than give up trying to understand and going with one of the older technologies more widely available, it makes sense to investigate. Cloud web hosting is likely to become the standard in web hosting in the future. If you can, it’s this type of hosting technology that you should put your business on today.

What exactly is cloud hosting?

With a conventional web hosting service, whether shared or dedicated, you put your website on one server computer, or perhaps two or three, if you have an in-demand website. When your website subsists on such limited resources, though, you tend to be unprepared for episodes of high demand.

If you run a retail sales website, for example, you may have a particularly busy time during the holidays, and a relatively quiet time the rest of the year. To make sure that visitors receive good service during the busy times, though, you will need to buy a large server plan, and pay more year-round. It would be a waste of money.

Cloud hosting is the answer to this challenge — it involves putting hosting websites not on specific server machines, but on a virtual server that is able to spread its load across multiple physical servers when demand rises, and on just one part of one server when demand is low. It’s a dynamic process. Technically, while your website may occupy a cluster of servers, it can still  be considered to simply be one machine.

Is cloud web hosting really better?

One of the prime advantages of cloud web hosting technology is that it tends to be cheaper than large-scale dedicated hosting. Cost-effectiveness comes about because your website doesn’t permanently occupy a number of servers simply to be able to deal with occasional bursts of demand. With this technology, the hosting company is better able to spread demand by multiple customers across multiple machines, making for lower costs.

The fact that the solution is dynamically scalable means that you never need to plan for demand. No matter what kind of demand comes in, you only pay a set amount, and rest assured that your customers never see poor performance.

How do you choose cloud hosting?

If you’re new to cloud hosting technology, you can have a little trouble knowing what exactly to look for when you try different services. According to Source Data Products, a leading cloud web hosting provider offering iSeries technology, there three important questions that you should ask every service that you consider.

Do customers only pay for what they use: Dynamic scalability is the primary selling point of cloud web hosting. You want to make sure that the company offers you scalable billing for such scalable services, rather than a large, fixed sum each month.

What kind of security do you use: It can be very hard to keep your data protected in today’s risk-prone world of computing. Since the success of your business depends on access to quality hosting that doesn’t compromise customer information, you should make sure that the hosting service you choose uses data encryption, security audits and other security options.

Choosing cloud hosting is a sensible choice as far as small businesses are concerned. Not only does such technology help save money, it helps protect business reputation by ensuring consistent website performance, as well.

Ruby Spencer provides Ecommerce solutions in her work and enjoys sharing her insights on topics like cloud hosting with an online audience. She writes for several different websites on a regular basis.

Vistaprint: An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

As an entrepreneur, marketing yourself to potential clients is of the utmost importance. Everyone you interact with has the opportunity to become a customer to your brand, but there are steps that you can take to entice a greater following.

Marketing materials such as business cards are phenomenal ways of sharing information about your business, but deciding where to print them can be a little challenging. Vistaprint is the perfect starting point if you are looking to for new opportunities to market your business. Here you’ll be able to order business cards and so many other marketing tools that will showcase your business to the highest potential.

There are many other options that you can utilize to market your business. One of the most crucial marketing tools that you can use to advertise your business is a website. In our modern society a strong online presence is essential to recruiting new clientele, and Vistaprint is prepared to help you get a user-friendly site off the ground. You’ll be able to customize your site with a variety of different themes and packages available to ensure that it best meets your needs. Remember that a well-functioning website is quite simply one of the easiest marketing tools to share with customers and that it can lead to secondary referrals as well!

Postcard campaigns are a fantastic way to get your name into homes in your target area. Unlike standard mail, potential customers will be enticed by a well-designed layout and glossy photos that reveal what you do. Vistaprint offers myriad layouts, sizes, and allows you the opportunity to upload your own design as you please.

Vistaprint is already affordable, but using Groupon Coupons, these promotional materials and services from Vistaprint will become even more affordable, meaning that you are capable of ordering multiple marketing tools on a budget! And for your other business and marketing needs, be sure to browse the Groupon Coupons site. There are more than 70,000 coupons for over 9,000 stores, and many deals are exclusive to Groupon users.

Be sure to check out Vistaprint and Groupon Coupons so that you can market yourself and your business to the best of your ability- and in the most inexpensive way.

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