If Your Customer Service Department Aren’t Providing Real Time Online Support Then They Aren’t Doing Their Job

It used to be a nice added extra. Something that would be pitched by the customer service managers at a budget meeting, but essentially taken out of the final proposal because of budget restrictions. It’s called real-time online support. And if you have been to a strong retailer’s website in recent times you have likely seen it offered. It’s the small box at the bottom of your screen on a number of websites that offers you online help.

While you might be forgiven for thinking that this was simply a bot, it is, in fact, a real person. And if you type to them; they type back. In real time. If you type your concern, a real person will respond promptly and have direct access to the areas of the business needed to resolve your query.

Whether it’s large companies that offer a range of household items like the Groupon Coupons page for Soft Surroundings or smaller franchise businesses like your local pizza store, the most common questions asked by management teams all share a common root. What benefit does it bring to the business?

The short answer – the ability to resolve a customer’s problem before they make it public.

Imagine this scenario:

You are sitting at your computer and your cell phone service stops working. Given that you can’t access many of its services, you turn to your computer.

The first thing that you do is visit the website of your cell service provider. You have the option to send them a tweet or leave a comment on their wall and wait for somebody to get around to your comment.

It is this wait that gets businesses into trouble. You see, you’re already angry at your phone service not working, and now you need to wait until you can have the problem addressed.

While waiting for a reply to come in, you take to social media to express your disgust in the always failing service. Whether it is like this or not, a social media rant is just that, a rant. And they are powerful. Soon people start to catch on and one slight problem with a friend’s service eight months ago snowballs into a hashtag and your marketing team are going into damage control. All because of a simple wait time.

Now, imagine the same scenario, however, instead of sending a tweet or message and waiting, you receive an immediate response. Furthermore, the response is from a real person who has access to your account and the business at large.

As you type to this person, they are working behind the scenes to resolve your concerns. And within the same time that it would take you to receive a reply to your tweet or comment, the problem has been solved, with a small thank you credit added to your next bill.

The difference between the two scenarios is the wait. Without the wait, the customer doesn’t have that chance to vent their anger to the world. Sure, they may vent it to the customer service agent, but the more that the angry customer types to them, the less they are typing to the world and the more time that the agent actually has to resolve the query or concern.

For business owners and their reputations, real-time online support is no longer a nicety. It’s a necessity.

Why Your Business Should Offer English Business Courses to Your Staff

All businesses know the importance of providing regular training to their employees. However, one type of training they don’t tend to consider is English. After all, if your staff all speak English as a first language, why would they need an additional English course? Well, you might just be surprised by the benefits a business English course can bring to your company.

What is a business English course and how can they help?

Business English courses, such as the ones provided by the T.T.I School of English Limited, focus primarily on the language skills required to carry out professional tasks more efficiently. Just some of the tasks these courses can help your staff to improve include:

  • Writing better emails
  • Answering the telephone more confidently
  • Making presentations and hosting meetings
  • Negotiating
  • Welcoming customers and clients

All of the above can be essential in your business. Emails for example, have become the number one way to communicate with colleagues, clients and customers. However, if they aren’t written in a clear, concise manner, they can take a lot of time out of the working day. Rather than just having to send one email, without good English skills, your staff could end up having to send multiple emails trying to explain their original point.

Ensuring your staff have excellent business English skills can help in all aspects of business. The more confident they are at performing certain tasks, the more productive they’re going to be.

Helping to boost profits and reputation

The biggest benefit you’ll get from enrolling your employees onto a business English course is an increase in both profit and reputation. Your staff are ultimately responsible for providing your products and services to your customers and clients. How they do this will reflect massively on your reputation. This in turn will have a direct effect on your profits.

Think of it this way – a customer or client is unlikely to return if they have experienced a poor level of communication. A good example is customer service. When a customer has a question, they expect to receive a clear, concise answer. If they don’t get one, they’ll go elsewhere.

At school, you aren’t typically taught much in the way of business English skills. Your staff may have a good grasp of basic English language, but this may not be helping them to perform to the best of their abilities. So, providing business English courses could prove to be a very valuable investment that could really boost staff productivity and efficiency.

Cross Selling Strategies for Bigger and Better Sales Profits

Of any part of the sales process that you may be interested in, existing leads are usually considered far more promising than newly generated ones. Leads with previous sales on the record, and potential leads that come from existing customers, usually convert at a far greater rate than all-new leads.

Existing customers can be promising for a number of reasons, prominent among which is the possibility that, with an established relationship in place, businesses tend to have the inside track on an upsell or a cross-sell. According to, a major resource in the marketing industry, these methods can ensure effective ways of tapping an existing business relationship.

Not many businesses take advantage of the possibilities

Many companies try their best to avoid having to tap the upsell/cross-sell method for the simple reason that they see it as difficult. They are embarrassed about the awkwardness involved in having to bother a client without adequate cause.

While awkwardness is certainly a possibility, though, it’s important to understand where it comes from. Use of the wrong method, rather than the attempt to upsell or cross-sell is usually to blame. In most cases, resistance from sales teams tends to come about not for reasons of propriety, but for simple lack of training. Awkwardness is nonexistent in the b2b field, for repeated attempts to extend a business relationship are considered normal, so people representing businesses usually do not see repeated calls as intrusive.

For instance, if you’ve done business with a b2b customer once, it’s perfectly legitimate to believe you could extend the relationship to other departments, branches or subsidiaries.

Listening helps

Listening to the customer isn’t just something you do just to get a word in edgewise about a new product. Rather, it’s something you do to identify potential problems that the customer deals with, and to look for possible solutions that involve the company’s product.

Often, there’s nothing new that companies offer over the competition, other than the ability to truly connect and respond to needs. It’s important to never forget the significance of being able to make the connection.

Sign them up for newsletters

Cross-selling and upselling may seem like major efforts; in truth, the natural progression of an initial sale can be easily done when customers are simply made aware of other needs or products. A newsletter or a direct mail letter may be all it takes.

Study their business before attempting to make a pitch 

Sales pitches can be much more effective when you know what specific need you attempt to fill. Studying the customer’s business to see which of your products will meet whatever needs they have can be a far more effective way to sell than to simply call and hope for a sale.

If there are service visits, make full use of them

In many cases, having a service member visit the business for a servicing call can be a great opportunity to put in a good word. Since the service team member has a reason to be there and to talk about your company’s products, it’s possible to put in a sales angle. It’s important to train service team members.

Phillip Olden has enjoyed a successful career in marketing and enjoys sharing his insights on selling strategies and campaigns with an online audience. He is a frequent contributor for a number of relevant websites.

Good Cab Companies Provide Quality Customer Service

Good customer service plays a huge role in the success of an organisation. We are still currently going through somewhat of a financial hardship in the UK, and companies need to set themselves apart. This is why caring and looking after customer demands and needs, is even more essential.

Develop and Maintain Integrity with Honesty

A good business is an honest business. Even if there is a possibility a piece of honesty might affect the sales of a company, it is important to pride that above all else. This is because the longevity of a company is based on the reputation it has. An untrusted organisation will not make money forever. A cab company for instance, needs to remain trustworthy because it is so easy to lose a reputation. Some of these companies will manipulate their customers. When in fact, it’s important a company makes sure they make promises they can keep.

Politeness Can Go Such a Long Way

It is an extremely obvious suggestion to be nice to customers, but it’s a tool that is often not utilised. Numerous companies, and even whole industries do not practice this. Trade companies over the years have developed a reputation for messing around their customers. For cab companies, being polite is even more paramount due to the proximity to their customers. It is important that drivers make their customers feel relaxed and comfortable, because word of mouth advertising can be profoundly effective.

Take Time to Get to Know Your Customers

It is a must for companies to get know their customers. Gaining a familiarity with the people that regularly use their business can be very beneficial tool. The majority of customers across a range of different industries will purchase certain products and use a certain service because they are familiar with it. This is why cab companies need to create this connection with all new and existing customers.

Tailor Your Service to Their Needs

Every good business will tell you that they tailor their business to the demands of their clients or customers. For the most part, this may just be overselling talking. In premise this idea is perfect, but there has to be some sort of follow-through. For a cab company a great way to tailor the service would be to appeal to a new market with the help of a company like Cab Direct. Finding new markets is an important part of business, a tailoring your vehicles so they have wheelchair access could open up a whole new side of your business.

How the Affordable Care Act May Lead to Higher Demand for Public Health Professionals

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama roughly three years ago. Since its implementation, families and health care facilities have received considerable gains or losses due to this change. According to the U.S. Department of Human Health Services, the ACA was signed to make preventative care — family planning and related services — more affordable and accessible for Americans.

health care

States Have the Opportunity to Opt Out of Health Care Reform

According to a CBS News article, “States opting out of Medicaid expansion could leave many uninsured.” The Supreme Court states this option when it clarified the parts of the ACA that do not need to be followed.

In a report published by the Geiger Gibson/RCHN Community Health Foundation Research Collaborative at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, a state-by-state analysis estimates that more than five million health care patients would have coverage if all of the states participated in the Medicaid expansion. However, half of the nation’s community health centers (CHC) are in states that opted out of the expansion.

Today, 25 states have opted out of the Medicaid expansion. Approximately 72 percent of the states that denied the reform are Southern states. According to this report, the result of these states’ choices to opt out left more than a million uninsured CHC patients that would have been covered under a nationwide Medicaid expansion.

Benefits of the Health Care Reform

The primary care reforms in the ACA, listed on, include:

  • Provisions for temporarily increasing Medicare and Medicaid payments to primary care providers
  • Fostering innovation in the delivery of care, with special attention paid to care models that will lead to better health outcomes and reduced patient-care experiences
  • Enhancing support of primary care providers
  • Investing in the continued development of the primary care workforce

The website states that if these changes are implemented effectively, the United States will be on the path to a stronger and more sustainable primary care system — one that not only will provide expanded access and superior quality but also will lead to better health outcomes for millions of Americans, while reducing future health costs for our nation.

A Need for More Health Care Providers

An effective health system only can function if there is a strong primary care foundation available to the people. According to Essentials of the U.S. Healthcare System, those who can obtain medical attention regularly are less likely to contract a serious illness as opposed to those who do not have access to regular primary care physicians.

A recent study has shown that half of all adults have difficulty obtaining access to primary care physicians. Delays to see doctors or nurses and receiving care after hours also have been problems in the United States.

Only 29 percent of U.S. primary care practices are available to patients during evening hours, on the weekends or on holidays, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Population growth, according to a 2008 study found on, predicts that primary care physicians’ workloads will increase by one-third between 2005 and 2025.

How the ACA Is Impacting Primary Care lists several provisions of the ACA that will impact the primary care industry, including:

  • Primary care reimbursement rates with Medicare will increase by 10 percent.
  • Medicaid levels of reimbursement will increase to about the same level as Medicare.
  • Thirty-two million more people will be insured.
  • Fifteen to 20 million patients with preventative or primary care coverage will be served by 2015. also states that federally qualified health care centers (FQHC) will receive several benefits due to the ACA, including but not limited to:

  • $11 billion provided over a five-year period to expand the FQHC program
  • A new teaching-health-center grant program
  • Loan forgiveness for pediatric subspecialists and mental-health services providers

The ACA puts primary care facilities first to ensure Americans are getting the best health care available. This ultimately means that health care professionals are in high demand due to the way the ACA is structured. No doubt, new health care curriculums — such as those for Masters of Public Health programs — will be attractive to students seeking secure, lucrative careers.


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About the Author: Steve Burton is an economist who studies U.S. job trends.

Four Things To Know When Considering A Trade Show

Trade show

What is a trade show?
Fairs and expositions are older than human history. Prehistoric people of different tribes would gather at certain places to exchange goods. Long before it gained its place as the holy city of Islam, Mecca was the scene of great festivals held by the pilgrims who made the journey there. The Olympic Games were held at a fair in which the Greeks sold their best clothes, spices, armor and glassware. Today, special fairs are organized to enable companies to showcase and demonstrate their most recent products and services, study what their rivals are doing and learn about new trends in the market and opportunities that may present themselves. One of the largest trade fairgrounds is the World Market Center Las Vegas, which covers 5 million square feet.

The rest of this article will discuss five important things to know when considering joining a trade show.

1) For just what types of companies is this trade show meant?

A trade show is meant for companies of a particular kind. Thus, there are trade shows for companies that market computer software, mobile apps, clothing, cars and car parts, games, fishing and hunting equipment, jewelry and restaurant items… in short, anything under the sun that can be marketed and sold. You should therefore check to make sure that the show that you are considering is for your type of company. You should realize, too, that much of the time the people who run these shows are specific about the kinds of businesses being included; for instance, a show for computer companies may be exclusively for those who specialize in security programs.

2) Where is the show going to be taking place?

Location is everything. You want to be certain that the show will be in a place to which you have easy transportation. If you live in New York City, you never want to do all that hard work preparing to take part in a trade show of your type, only to discover that it is being held in Los Angeles!

3) What is your target audience?

Every company has a specific audience at whom its products and services are targeted. That audience may have one or more characteristics that distinguish it as a group:

  • age
  • sex
  • where they live: Are they from a particular neighborhood? Do they live in the city or the country?
  • income level

As the owner of a company you should know what characterizes your target audience. Find out if such people will be common at the show that you wish to attend. Prepare a bunch of brochures to hand out to potential customers, but do not include too much information in them, as people will find it difficult to absorb all at once. A better idea is to use small cards with your web address on them. The most important question that you will want to answer is, Does this trade show help to deliver my message to my target audience?

4) How much will the show cost?

The organizers of all trade shows charge a fee to those who wish to take part in them. Careful research in this area is indispensable because if the cost of entry is greater than the amount of money that you can expect to make at the show, then forget it; you can probably find another trade show that you can join at a lower price.


You will have a host of competitors attending the show alongside you. It is therefore in your best interest to showcase the qualities that distinguish your products, your services, from those that others have to offer, so that customers will choose you over them.


A trade show can be a great way for you to promote your business, attract more customers and expand your range of activity. The more you know in advance about the show, the fewer surprises and disappointments you will encounter and the more you will be able to take advantage of the unique opportunity that has been handed to you. Please contact Mike Weimar the CEO of Iconic Displays, a leading trade show display company for more trips and tricks on making the most of your trade show experience. To know more click on

How to Apply for a Credit Card

Credit cards can be both exciting and intimidating. The benefits they offer in terms of convenience are a major draw for consumers but many people are simply put off by the prospect of a complicated application process and possible rejection. The good news is that whether you want to apply for online credit cards or actually go to your local bank and have them talk you through it, there are a whole load of useful tips on what sort of information to look out for but here are some particular points of interest to remember when filing an application. Continue reading…

Degree in Criminal Justice from Portland State University

Portland State University leads the way when it comes to online educational opportunities. This includes a top of the line program through which a person can obtain a bachelors in criminal justice online.

An online education in criminal justice from Portland State University represents both a convenient as well as an affordable for traditional and non-traditional students alike. Through an online education in criminal justice at Portland State University, a person can obtain a degree and beyond the way to a satisfying career at his or her own pace. For example, a non-traditional student with family and professional obligations can still obtain a bachelors degree in criminal justice without interfering with other vital commitments. Continue reading…

Different Types of Insurance Policies For Couples


One of the most common reasons to compare life insurance is to replace the loss of income or revenue suffered by the family in the event of your death.

Once you die and checks stop arriving, the family may be left with very limited resources. The proceeds of a life insurance policy do you have enough money to support the family almost immediately death occurs.

Life insurance also used to pay any debts that have commonly left open. Life insurance can be used to pay mortgages, car loans, credit card debts, leaving a remaining principal debt free for your family.

We often used also to pay some taxes and final expenses. Finally, life insurance can create respectable capital for your heirs. How much insurance you need?

Your life insurance needs depend on a number of factors including:

  • if you are married or not,
  • the number of family members,
  • the nature of the financial obligations,
  • stage of his career and
  • Their goals.

Have you heard of marriage insurance? Check this article: Can Marriage Insurance protect a marriage? For a couple the mixed contract is a boon because whatever happens in the future insurance financially help the couple. For example, if the woman dies couple widower and children will receive a capital and it is the same if the husband dies before the contract expires. Certainly this is not something to wish to see her husband leave the world of the living. But in addition to the human tragedy that it can cause, it can quickly turn into a financial drama. If the couple agrees that the mixed life insurance contract will expire at the end of the contract then it will benefit from a capital thus also allowing him to spend more or less retire happy but in all cases will turn.

Basically, the life insurance contract is a mixed gem able to satisfy everyone. But it was without counting on human nature and unscrupulous insurers who abuse the system eventually destroy it.

The insurer, which sometimes shows a little too greedy, understood that the Joint life insurance policy could quickly become a great way to get rich. The insured pays a large portion of their insurance premium in the year during which he endorse the contract. The insurer has the time to see it coming because with this type of contract the refund will be delayed in case of death or within even longer time when life.

If the insured does not pay the insurance premium for the first three years, the insurer could then cancel the contract and repay nothing to its insured. This is why insurers have tried to sign insurance contracts mixes lives to the greatest possible number. The amounts are substantial and in addition it is possible, with a little luck the insurer can benefit from the insurance premium the insured nothing to do to repay.

Consider Employment With US Data Corporations


US Data Corporation is one of the well known members of the entire marketing world and this company specializes in offering the services like sales leads, mailing lists, consumer email lists, direct marketing and email marketing. It has more than 30 years of experience in this industry and the office is located in Agoura Hills, CA. This company also maintains the information of the marketing databases on the businesses and the customers all over the country, which actually set the industry standards for reliability, accuracy and currency. This company takes pride in providing the businesses some crucial ways to make money as well as the ideas to thrive in any type of economy. The uncompromised commitment to superiority and the broad experience have helped US Data Corporation to grow as the most reliable and prestigious providers of research data, marketing lists and sales lead of America. The compiled informative databases offered by this company can help you in learning more about the American consumers and the businesses. This company has also set the industry standard for currency, reliability and mission critical accuracy. Continue reading…

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