Business Car insurance FAQs

If you own vehicles that you use for business purposes, then you likely will need to get business, or commercial, car insurance. Commercial car insurance is different from personal car insurance, so you may have some questions before you find a policy. Here’s a look at some frequently asked questions about this type of insurance.

What Coverage Is Available?

The coverage under a commercial policy is similar to a personal policy. You will be able to get coverage for property damages and injuries to others. You may also be able to get coverage for damages to your own car and injuries to you and your passengers. Commercial insurance also offers options for employees who drive your vehicles during work hours. Another coverage specific to business is loading and unloading liability. You may be able to get replacement reimbursement so you can get a replacement vehicle if yours is not operational due to an accident.

Is Commercial Insurance Customizable?

Yes. You can customize your insurance to meet your business needs. For example, if you have a few vehicles that are used for business, you can get them all covered under one policy. You can also customize the drivers of your vehicles and get special coverage to help if a vehicle is damaged in an accident and cannot be used. You also are able to opt out of some coverage that isn’t needed for your business.

Do I Need Insurance?

In most states, it is a law that you must have coverage. However, even if it isn’t the law, you should still have coverage. Losing your vehicle in an accident or having an employee responsible for an accident can take a huge financial toll on your business. By having insurance you are protecting yourself and your business. You get the peace of mind that you will have help paying for any damages or injuries that result from an accident involving your business vehicles.

Insurance is especially important for businesses that rely heavily on their vehicles. For example, delivery services are going to be on the road a lot, so the risk is higher for accidents or other incidents. However, even if your business doesn’t use the vehicles a lot, you still need insurance on them.


How Do I Know if I Need Commercial or Personal Auto Insurance?

If the vehicle is in the business’ name, then you will need commercial insurance no matter what you use it for. However, if it is in your name, you may still need commercial insurance in certain cases. If it is used for hauling products, transporting business supplies, delivery services or transporting people, then you will likely need commercial insurance.

How Do I Get Commercial Insurance?

Many of the same companies that sell personal auto insurance also sell commercial insurance. As with any time you purchase insurance, you should shop around. You can use a site like to help you compare your options.

How Much Does It Cost?

Costs of commercial auto insurance will vary based on a few different factors, but it should be noted that it will almost always be more expensive than your personal insurance. The type of vehicles you are insuring will play largely into the cost. Bigger vehicles will cost more than passenger cars. What you are hauling may also play into the cost. You may need special coverage for certain materials, which will increase your rates.

Costs are also influenced by your drivers. You should always do a driver’s record check before hiring an employee to ensure he or she has a good driving record. Accidents or other violations on a driving record will increase your costs. The age of drivers will influence rates, too. Drivers over 30 usually get better rates.

When it comes to commercial auto insurance, you probably will need it if you are using vehicles in your business in any capacity. Commercial insurance generally is more expensive than personal auto insurance because of the increased risks. With a business vehicle, it is being driven by more people with various backgrounds. It is also often being used to haul items. These things add to the risks and costs should the vehicle be in an accident. Overall, it is simply best to get the insurance and just shop around for the best rates.


Here Are the Local SEO Myths Trapping Small Law Firms

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there is a lot of information out there, but not all of it is good. “Gurus” offer up advice on thousands of blogs, touting their follower counts and spelling out wildly varying plans to game the system. The fact is, good SEO is a process, and good local SEO is a process that involves constant work to maintain. It’s not something you can fast-track, but it is something you can plan for.

One of the best ways to make sure your SEO plan is helping your company is by knowing and steering clear of the major myths that small law firms keep falling for time and again. By avoiding these practices, you can take your time and effort and invest it in practices that will help you achieve the page ranking your company needs.

Myth #1: Posting on Google+ Will Help Rankings

While it might be a good idea to post from your blog to the network because social media engagement is desirable, posting to Google+ does not actually help individual site rankings, apart from the way the views it naturally picks up from clicks through will help. There are more efficient ways to gain those views, though, and Google+ is not a major force as a social networking site at the moment.

Myth #2: Quality Content Brings Its Own Visitors

This myth is often used to convince people with very little experience in SEO that their high quality content is good enough. The truth is, when it comes to visibility the content needs a push to take off. Quality content will gather its own momentum and spread farther than you expect it will, but you still need the right marketing practices to make sure your audience finds it and shares it.

Myth #3: Link Building is All That Matters

It’s true that at one time, links were the main method that sites used to gain Google rankings, but those days have long passed. The fact of the matter is that Google’s algorithm changes continuously to take advantage of new sources of data as the internet itself changes. From indexing social media posts on platforms like Facebook to using an advanced bot to rank the quality of the writing on a site, Google attempts to take the whole site into consideration when determining page rank, so good SEO strategists know to work on all of these aspects of a site’s visibility.

Myth #4: Service-Area Businesses Rank Higher in More Spots With a Larger Service Area

This is simply not true either. While a large service area can help you rank strongly in your local city, you need directed SEO efforts to make sure you rank in each additional city you cover. That means a larger service area might eventually pay off with much higher ranking, but only after you have done the work of optimizing your content for a variety of geolocations. There’s no magic fix.

Myth #5: Search Engine Optimization is Obsolete

This is another giant misconception. While it is true that there have been a variety of changes to search engine optimization practices over the years, SEO is very much alive and a vital part of your law firm’s long-term strategy. Without it, you might enjoy some exposure on individual social networks, but there will not be a strong central hub for your company’s online activity.

If you are working on getting your law firm locally ranked in your area, you need partners who can help you cut through the myths by providing you and your staff with up-to-date training and information about the most recent version of Google’s algorithm. That means hiring help, and it also means clicking away from the marketing “gurus.”

Car Accident Basics You Should Know

If we are to look at personal injury claims it is easy to notice that automobile accidents are cited in the majority of cases. In 2012 we had over 5.5 million car crashes reported in the US and the number is rising every single year.


Motor Vehicle Accidents – The Law

Christensen & Hymas highlights that legal claims appearing because of vehicle accidents will not be connected with negligence law. Operating automobiles automatically implies reasonable care. If vehicles are not used with a reasonable care, we are faced with negligence. If one person operates a vehicle in a negligent way and an accident appears, he is required by law to pay for all the damages, either to a property or to a person. An injured party is known as the plaintiff and needs to prove that someone was negligent and caused an injury.

Vehicle Accidents And Negligence

The party at fault in an accident is the one that was negligent. While you may know that someone made a mistake, it is not so easy to prove it in front of law. Attorneys normally take a look at various different sources in order to determine accident fault. This includes state traffic laws, witnesses and police reports.

Legal professionals analyze various factors when determining negligence. This includes: not signaling when turning, disobeying traffic signals, not taking weather into account, driving above speed limits, being under the influence of alcohol and disregarding traffic conditions.

Besides negligence, we also have other common automobile accident causes you should be aware of, like:

  • Reckless driving – reckless conduct has to be proven.
  • Drunk driving – blood alcohol tests are performed.

Drivers Are Not Always The Cause Of The Accident

In various cases we see that car accidents are caused by various factors that are not connected to driver conduct. As an example, one of the vehicles involved may have had a defect or a part might have become damaged. Suppliers or automobile manufacturers are considered to be responsible if their actions caused the car accident. Product liability suits are going to be started in this case.

Different other factors like malfunctioning traffic control signals or roads that are poorly maintained can cause accidents. A simple highway defect can cause a huge car crash that can be fatal for those involved. When lawsuits and claims are filed against a governmental body, there are specific rules that are to be applied. IN this case it is vital that you hire attorneys to help you win cases.

Legal Help

Whenever an injury appeared because of the negligence or the actions of a third party, you have to at least consult a specialized attorney. This is because the legal specialist is going to basically guarantee that the best possible result will be achieved. Legal professionals in this industry offer free consultations so there is no reason why not to profit from it. You will be able to find a highly experienced professional to help you deal with the complex legal matters associated with personal injuries appearing during car accidents.

What Kind Of Attributes Do You Need to Be a Lawyer

Being a lawyer isn’t quite as dramatic as what you are likely to see on TV when some maverick stands in middle of a courtroom defending someone wrongly accused of a crime they didn’t commit. The reality is a  little more boring but no less rewarding and as far as careers go, opting to become a lawyer is one of the best choices that you could make.

Successful lawyers like Jonathan Bunge work tirelessly every day to ensure that justice is done in the fairest way possible and that everyone is entitled to strong representation should they need it. As a lawyer you will find yourself in a profession which is highly respected and well paid and if you think that this is something for you, then there are some attributes and qualities which you are going to need.

Hard Working

Becoming a lawyer and working as one are some of the toughest challenges that you are likely to face and if you want to be sure that you not only qualify to practice law but can also be a valuable asset in a firm then you are going to have to have a hard working attitude. Lawyers can expect long hours and 7-day weeks when working on a case and you need to have a work ethic that can match the demands.


In your role as a lawyer you will be charged with persuading a judge and a jury that your side of the argument is the one that they should believe. In order to make this happen you need to be able to properly structure an argument and be able to make your point in a convincing way. Your argument will also need to be flexible so that you will have the ability to persuade different types of people.

Team Working

A legal case is never solved by a single lawyer and when working on a case you will feature as part of a team made of up many different roles. In order to succeed as a lawyer, you need to be able to understand the team dynamic and how each of the different roles affect what the team does. The best lawyers can play any role within a team setting and there is no room here for ego, you must deliver your part of the team to a high standard.

Ability to Process and Store Information

 Both when you are studying and when you are practicing will require yo to process huge amounts of information. You will need to be able to sift through information like legal documents, previous cases and the law itself and be able to highlight the important points. Once you ahem deduced the information you will need to have the ability to retain this sin your mind and be able to tap into it when required. This is not an easy skill and if you want to be a successful lawyer then you will most certainly need to possess this attribute.

What a New York Divorce Attorney Can Do for You

Having great legal representation is crucial when you are going to be enduring a divorce. A divorce attorney in the state of New York can help you to protect all of the valuable assets that you have spent your entire life accumulating. He or she can also help you get the desired custody of your children so that you are not deprived of seeing your kids grow up. Divorce laws can be very tricky in New York. This is why you need an attorney to help you navigate all of the complex laws that the state has in place where divorce is concerned. Here are some of the things that your New York divorce attorney will be able to help you with. 

1. Your New York divorce attorney can develop an effective strategy to shield most or all of your assets from your spouse. 

Your spouse might be preparing to drag you through a very messy divorce. If this is the case, it is critical that you are prepared for any possible legal maneuvers that your spouse might try in an attempt to get your assets. This means that your divorce attorney must lay out a very carefully conceived strategy that will enable you to keep most or all of your most valuable assets. This often takes a great deal of attention to detail. Even the slightest mistake in your attorney’s legal strategy could create a loophole than allows your spouse to be awarded some valuable assets. This is why you need to hire a very experienced attorney who knows all of the specifics regarding divorce law in the state of New York. Tully Rinckey has handled countless divorce cases with extreme professionalism. Rinckey protects the assets of their clients and gets them a fair settlement. 

2. A case can be made by your attorney regarding why you should be granted sole or primary custody of your children.

Families are frequently torn apart by divorce. Obviously, these situations are most difficult for the children. In many cases, the children are too young to understand what exactly is happening. There are also unfortunate situations where the children are dragged into the proceedings. A skilled divorce attorney can devise a way to make the court understand that you are more fit to be the sole or primary parent in the child’s life without forcing the child to make testimony against one of his or her parents. 

3. Your divorce attorney will clearly explain all of the legal options that are available to you.

Your divorce might be particularly complicated. This will require you to make many decisions along the way. An experienced New York divorce attorney will carefully explain each of your options so you have a complete understanding of everything. He or she will then give you valuable advice regarding the options that are in your best interests financially. This will allow you to make a more educated decision that could potentially save you a large amount of money.

4. Your attorney will tell you if it is in your best interests to fight or settle.

You might be tempted to continue fighting your spouse for various assets. However, your attorney will be honest with you and let you know if fighting is worthwhile. You might be better off settling.

The Basics of Healthcare Law

Healthcare law is a complicated area, but can be expressed very simply. It concerns who may receive healthcare and who will pay for it. It involves federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations that apply to healthcare providers, their patients and the vendors who supply healthcare products. If you have any issues concerning healthcare that was provided to you, it is recommended to consult a lawyer who specializes in the area such as Jerry Sokol

The Main Areas of Healthcare Law

Some law colleges have divided healthcare law into four major areas, including healthcare law, bioethics, public health law and global health law. Healthcare law focuses on the rules and regulations that govern the healthcare industry, which includes hospitals, insurance companies, device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies as well as the individual practitioners. This area is the most relevant to the general population and Sokol is one example of a lawyer who can help with problems related to hospitals, healthcare professionals and insurance companies. 

Bioethics focuses on ethical challenges connected with innovations in the field of health technology, genetics, embryonic stem cell research and even the definition of good health. It also deals with the questions related to the health of one known individual in relation to the health of many unknown people.

Public health law focuses on lowering the health risks in the general population by prevention of disease and injury. It may also focus on specific aspects of the population, such as the elderly and children. Global Health is a new area that focuses on how the health laws of individual countries affect global health.

Terms to Know Concerning Healthcare Law

Healthcare attorneys work with individual patients and medical providers to make sure that the patient’s rights are protected. This includes the right to informed consent for procedures as well as:

An estate plan, which is a plan that deals with the assets of an individual after his or her death.

A living will, which is a document that determines what will happen to an individual’s assets if he or she is in a coma or otherwise unable to make property or financial decisions. 

A power of attorney, which is a legal plan that allows someone else to make financial or medical decisions on behalf of another person. 

The HIPAA, which is a law that requires medical providers to keep patient information confidential.

The Affordable Care Act, which is a law that requires employers to provide healthcare insurance.

Other Areas of Healthcare Law

Medical malpractice is the area of law that sets the standards that doctors and other healthcare providers must follow when treating patients. Insurance law helps both the insurance companies determine how much they need to pay a claimant and the patient, so they receive the amount they are due.

Healthcare is very expensive in the United States, which is why federal, state and local governments have formed laws to help the individual. Some of the services created are Medicare, Social Security Disability Insurance and the Affordable Care Act. Healthcare law is a very complicated area of law and an ordinary individual may need help from an attorney who specializes in it. The attorney could help with estate planning, medical malpractice, insurance payouts and living wills to help make the process of receiving good health care easier.

Mortgage Options for Retired Seniors

Time and again, financial advisers say that planning ahead of time is crucial. However, there are still many people who have reached the retirement age and are facing different financial predicaments, such as increased medical bills, delayed social security benefits, and withdrawal penalties. To answer these issues, one of the easiest options is to take on mortgage offers for retired seniors.

In recent years, most creditors and borrowers are affected by the meltdown of the mortgage value, which results in the difficulty of qualifying for any mortgage option. Seniors are often hardest hit by this due to their fixed or limited income and the availability of federal programs that can help them. However, there are still several good mortgage options which many seniors can apply for.


This mortgage option is ideal to be used for paying bills and living expenses of retired seniors. This is very attractive to seniors as the process of getting one is quite easy compared to other options. However, nowadays, banks are stricter in granting refinancing to seniors. So the best thing you can do is to ask recommendation or a more affordable loan modification program from the lending company where you’re a current mortgage holder.

Reverse mortgages

Seniors aging 62 and above are allowed to borrow money provided that they will use their home as collateral. The payback is reversed in such a way that the borrower can pay the loan when he or she dies, sell the home or moved out. The money received from a reverse mortgage can be used for living expenses, medical bills and improving your home.

The good thing about a reverse mortgage is that the title of the house is retained in your name. However, you have to ensure that the property is in good condition, and you’re paying homeowner’s insurance and property taxes. The borrower of a reverse mortgage is required to pay the principal amount, which includes the interest and other fees. There are different options for this type of mortgage such as HECM Standard, HECM Saver and HECM Purchases.

Any retired senior who is planning to get reverse mortgage must satisfy the broker’s requirements in order to qualify. Required information includes the age and financial and property data.

Federal mortgage programs

Aside from applying for mortgage refinancing from banks and lending companies, retired seniors can also consider federal mortgage programs. This is perfect for those who are having difficulty in getting approval from traditional refinancing systems due to the devaluation of their homes. You can opt to Home Affordable Refinancing Program, FHA Short Refinance and Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives.

Doing research can help in determining the right option for your needs. Through the help of a professional mortgage broker, you can be on the right track.


If you think that you’ll still be paying your mortgage even after retirement, the best thing to do is to plan strategies that will help you to manage your mortgage while on a fixed income. You can seek help from Mortgage Broker Toronto to guide you all throughout the process.

What You Need to Know about NY Insurance Laws

Many Americans struggle with even basic concepts of insurance for a number of reasons. Without a doubt, insurance can be very complex and difficult to understand. What makes insurance even more difficult to comprehend is the fact that insurance laws differ from state to state. Simply because a driver is knowledgeable about insurance in one state doesn’t mean the knowledge applies for other insurance laws in other states. If you’re planning on driving a vehicle in the state of New York, here is everything you need to know about NY insurance laws.

Is auto insurance necessary?

Just as in all states, it is necessary to have auto insurance if you wish to drive in New York. In fact, before you can even register a car in the state of New York, you must prove that you have automobile liability insurance coverage issued in New York. A common trick that many drivers do is get auto insurance only to drop it after car registration. However, it is important to keep in mind that the DMV will suspend both your driver license and vehicle registration if you fail to maintain the coverage. Without a doubt, driving without auto insurance is a risky move that has severe consequences.

What kind of insurance do you need according to NY insurance laws?

New York insurance laws require you to have auto liability insurance coverage. There is also a minimum amount of liability that you must have to qualify for car registration. For a single accident, you should have $10,000 in coverage for property damages. You should have $25,000 in coverage for bodily injury and $50,000 for the death of an individual in an accident. $50,000 in coverage is necessary for the bodily injury of multiple people and $100,000 in coverage is needed for the death of multiple people.

Not only must your auto insurance coverage remain in effect at all times until the registration expires or is canceled, but it must also be issued in the same name as the registrant of the vehicle. It is not permitted for the name of the vehicle registrant to differ from the name of the policyholder for the auto insurance at any point in time. Out-of-state auto insurance is both unacceptable and out of the question.

How many names can there be on a vehicle registrant?

At most, there can only be two names on the registration for a vehicle. One registrant is deemed the primary registrant while the other is the co-registrant. Both registrants must sign the MV-82, which is the Vehicle Registration / Title Application. Also, both names must be present on the insurance ID card.

What do I need to register my vehicle?

Not only do you need an electronic notice of insurance to register your vehicle, but you also need the NYS Insurance ID card. Both are necessary to confirm you have the auto insurance needed to drive a car in the state of New York. Keep in mind that you must register your vehicle within six months of getting a policy with an auto insurance company. The “deadline” is based on the date printed on your NYS Insurance ID card. Just in case you are stopped by police officers, the NYS Insurance ID card can serve as proof of insurance. Therefore, you should keep a copy of the card in your car at all times.

While many drivers strive to learn more about defensive driving in New York and safely evading traffic, few are interested in learning more about NY insurance laws. Fortunately, the information discussed above should serve as a brief overview of everything you need to know about NY insurance laws.

Know the Pros of Working as Litigator

Before getting into as litigator professional, one needs to understand the exact meaning of litigation. The profession deals with legal method of settling the controversies or disputes among people and organizations. In the process, the case is brought before a court of law to make it suitable to hear the case.

There are professional lawyers and litigators who have successfully taken this profession as career and are leading state cases. Jonathan Bunge is a litigator partner in Kirkland of Chicago. Over the years, he has tired over 30 cases and handled state & federal cases successfully.

There are different areas in litigations, and one such is civil litigation which is also known as Sport of Kings. Civil lawsuit is basically the suit that falls outside the scope of criminal realm. The civil lawsuit encompasses diverse areas like personal injury, wrongful death, employment law and others.

This litigation area is largely practiced by law clerks, attorneys and legal support staff. Moreover, it is the highest paying legal practice area among other law career.

Let us now check the litigation pros that should be known:

  • It’s rewarding to assist clients: During the course of litigation case, it is obvious that litigator becomes close to client. Clients keep in touch with the litigator regarding the progress and other information. This certainly helps both the parties to stay connected for long term.
  • Its pays of well: Attorneys who are specializing in civil litigation are paid well compared to other attorneys. In addition to the fees, they are also offered with compensation and other perks.
  • Diverse Work: While working on a certain case, litigator comes across general understanding about different process, rules and standard deadlines that are important to know. On certain days, the litigator may also perform duties including advising clients and researching on documents needed for the work.
  • Best Profession during recession: According to the study by National Center for State Courts, it is found that during recession the litigation profession was in rise and more number of cases were filed. This certainly shows that the profession has a great future.
  • Gives Opportunity for Trail Experience: One of the best things about this profession is you get the experience of working under courtroom, which attorneys and paralegals may take long time to get in. They advise clients and develop case strategies in the courtroom.
  • A transferable Career Option: Litigation offers a career switch option as it helps to hone diverse skills. These skills can be used in others of laws and legal options. The profession also helps in expanding general knowledge of researching and communication area.

Mastering into this profession depends on how the individual takes it seriously. Litigator can find it hard to get into the profession, as the competition in the field in increasing. So seeking advice from experts will be great help.

Insuring Your Rental Properties the Smart Way

There are a number of reasons why you may decide to rent your home out, either on a short or long term basis. Depending on the scenario, the standard homeowners’ policy may not offer protection against all losses you might incur while the home is rented out, and you may need to buy a more specialized insurance policy.


If you fail to tell your insurer you have rented your home out, they might flatly refuse to pay any subsequent claims. Therefore, you should get specialist landlord insurance if you’re planning on renting your home. While some policies offer all these individual components as one package, some allow you to add on extras as you need them.

Landlord Building Insurance

This is vital because it protects the physical damages to the building. It protects the bricks and mortar that make up the property. In case of fire or a flood, buildings insurance will settle all the losses incurred, thereby giving you peace of mind. Most buildings insurance policies offer unlimited cover, so you will not need to worry about the rebuilding costs. 

Landlord Contest Insurance

This is another vital form of cover, especially if your flat is furnished. It offers protection to beds, carpets, sofas and other possessions from either damage or theft. However, this policy does not go beyond what you own. It cannot protect tenants’ property unless they buy a policy themselves. 

Landlord Liability Insurance

Personal injury claims have increased in recent years, thanks to the effort ambulance-chasing lawyers have directed towards persuading those who have suffered an accident or injury to make a claim for compensation. Some claims top £100,000, something that makes it necessary to protect yourself against litigious tenants. With landlord liability cover, you can often get up to £2 million of cover. 

Loss of Rent Insurance

If the property is damaged due to an accident or destroyed and you cannot rent it out anymore, the loss of rent insurance comes in handy to replace the lost income. This is vital especially if you have taken out a mortgage and the repayment of the loan depends on the monthly payments made by tenants. Loss of insurance cover can spare you the agony of losing your property over unpaid bills. 

Legal Expenses Cover

Dealing with tenants sometimes leads to disputes, which could go as far as evictions. In most cases, you need to seek defence against any criminal action tied to your relationship with tenants and people living near your property. Legal processes can cost a lot if the verdict is delayed. With legal expenses insurance, you can also recover any rent owed by tenants in case of a dispute. 

Landlord Home Emergency Insurance

Arranging emergency repair and adjustments can prove costly. The landlord emergency cover helps to settle all the costs emanating from unforeseen costs like a gas leak, pest infestation or pipe bursts. The policy covers all call-out charges, materials and labours and ensures a well qualified tradesman is on hand to sort the emergencies out. 

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