Design tips for physical advertising

Physical advertising is everywhere. Consumers are inundated every moment with demands on their attention – and they are selective about what they give it to. In order to ensure that your brand has the desired impact, it’s important to consider how you can make your advertisements stand out from the crowd.

Design is crucial when it comes down to not only attracting attention, but also projecting the right image for your brand. Check out our top tips below for making sure that your physical advertising is a cut above the rest:

Be welcoming

It’s important to ensure that your advertising is welcoming and friendly. You want to strike the right tone for your brand while still ensuring that consumers feel that this is a product or service for them.

Choose the type of signage that you feel best represents your brand’s image, and looks inviting to the consumer. It’s become increasingly affordable to create kick-ass physical signage for your brand, I recommend checking out the cheap exhibitions stands on this site if you’re on a budget. Express exhibition displays are the most reasonably priced provider I’ve found with sacrificing on the quality of the final product. There’s a great range of customisation so be sure to design something bespoke and memorable to suit your brand’s message.

Be clear

If it’s not clear what you’re advertising, people will very quickly lose interest. Consumers don’t want to hunt for your brand message. Ensure that your products or services are clearly displayed, and opt for clear, short text that tells the customer exactly what you’re about.

Remember, you want this to be eye-catching, easy to understand and easy to read, so avoid long word counts and opt for large, friendly text to draw in the crowds. Place important information in a large font, and place it in your customers’ line of sight.

Be bold

Now is the time to get creative with colours, lighting, interactive presentations and sound. You want your advertising to stand out, so make sure it has something different to offer.

This can be as simple as colourful spotlights in your brand’s colours, or as detailed as a bright and fun looped video presentation explaining what your brand has to offer.

No matter what you choose, remember that simplicity is key. You want your display to garner attention, but you need to keep things short and sweet if you don’t want your customer to lose focus.

Be remembered

A fantastic display is no good if it doesn’t differentiate you from the competition. Make sure that your USPs (unique selling points) are in plain view. Avoid rambling text and instead ensure that what makes you different is spelled out in a snappy and easily digestible format.

You’ll also want to make sure that your clever advertising display has your social media details well placed. Customers are unlikely to remember your business address, but are much more likely to ‘like’ your page on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, thus allowing you to reach more people, even once your physical advertising display is packed up and gone.

Overall, your exhibition stand is all about getting you noticed. Make sure it is bright, bold and clear about what you can offer if you want to have the desired impact on your target market.