Good Business Practice Creates More Business Opportunities

Regardless of what industry you are in, your relationship with your customers should always be maintained. Good business practice generally leads to an increase in revenue and a happy customer is a repeat customer. Customer appreciation is the key to a mutually beneficial ongoing relationship.

Building a relationship with your customers
In the current economic climate there is huge competition for customer loyalty. In many cases customers are not able to spend as much as before and new clients are few and far between. This has made many corporations become more aware of the value of their current clients and encouraged them to build a more personal relationship with them.

A relationship with the customer is important on so many levels and often businesses overlook simple strategies that can cement continuing custom. Appreciation can easily be shown to customers in a number of ways, even if on a budget. End of year gifts, a cocktail party or corporate holiday e cards can add a small but personal touch that can solidify a relationship and express gratitude for an ongoing relationship.

Adding value with corporate gifts
Corporate gifts can add value to your customer relationship and also serve as brand placement and advertising. A few suggestions of branded corporate gifts for customers are as follows:

Coffee mugs


Card holders


First aid kits

Mobile phone or tablet covers

Key rings and lanyards

Not only will you be offering your customers a gift, you will also be placing your branding in their office or home, where more people will be exposed to your name and take note of your company. Corporate gifts can be an extremely effective advertising tool that does not have to cost a fortune and a small investment in branded goods will see you reaping huge rewards.

Personalised customer service reaps rewards
Personalised customer service is often neglected and a relationship between a customer and its supplier is not always considered a priority. However, if you look at good business practise over the years you will see a pattern emerge whereby customers who are treated well tend to stick with one brand or manufacturer.

There is so much competition in the corporate world that a good reputation is almost invaluable. By engaging your clients and taking what may be considered an old-fashioned stand-point of rewarding them for choosing you, your customer base and reputation will grow positively and your clients will become your best advertisements.

Establishing a good relationship with your customers is a crucial step in maintaining your client base and ensuring continuing profitability. There are so many ways you can show your customers your appreciation and a simple card from a site like Eco 2 Greetings over the festive season can speak volumes. Increased customer satisfaction can only lead to a long term relationship and often the personal touch is enough to cement a large contract or an ongoing purchase order.

Jennifer is a seasoned corporate advisor who writes regularly for online and print publications. Her tips on growing your brand are used by starter companies and large conglomerates. Jennifer uses a company like Eco 2 Greetings to stay in touch with her client base in a professional yet personal manner.