How a Small Pet Shop Can Train New Employees Successfully

Pet shops are wonderful places to be employed at. The day is spent helping customers, taking care of animals, and cleaning; a job that many love to do. However, it is also a job that requires a great deal of patience, love, and knowledge. Not every candidate is a good fit for a pet shop, but the owner can train new employees to be the best that they can be.

Proper Animal Handling Techniques 

Every animal must be handled in a different way in order to avoid injury or discomfort to the animal and the handler. There are also instances where the pet shop will stumble upon an aggressive animal that requires extremely cautious handling. If the handler is not careful, he or she could be seriously injured. Animals are fully capable of scratching, biting, kicking, and clawing. Even the smallest of pets could cause a handler to lose a finger or worse. Simple training can prevent many work place accidents.

Proper Time Punch Procedures 

A reliable timeclock is the best way to report punches. Sometimes, employees will try to get around these systems by having coworkers punch in for them or avoiding lunch punches. High quality time clocks that require fingerprint scans help to eliminate fraudulent punches, such as the clocks seen at Allied Time. While this might seem irrelevant, a series of fraudulent punches represents an irresponsible employee who might be getting into more serious trouble. 

In addition, the clocks also offer protection for the employees. This is especially true during emergency situations where the employee is asked to go in during an off day or to stay late. These days and hours aren’t recorded on the printed schedule. 

Animal Care Training and Homework 

Animal care training is important for each employee. Every employee should know how to care for each species, while also being able to educate customers regarding their care. Each employee should be assigned study material to utilize during training. A test after the first week of employment can help the owner decide whether or not the employee is committed to his or her job.

Finding the perfect employee for a pet shop position can be hard. It may take some time for the employer to discover whether or not a new hire is a good fit, but with adequate training and close observation, the answer should become quite clear within a few weeks. 

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