Kelly Curia-Schmidt – The Changing Face of Women in the Workplace

For many years the choice for women was a career or kids, and there was very little by way of choice in this regard. That was a long time ago however and thanks to trailblazers like my good friend Kelly Curia-Schmidt, things have changed a great deal. You only need to look across industries such as business and finance to see that there are a huge number of strong, empowered women who are managing successful careers and being great mums at the same time. So what is it that changed things for women in terms of the options which they have? Let’s have a look at how the world of women in the workplace has changed.


As we have already mentioned there have been many women who have suffered in order to create the situation which we now live in. These women worked in male dominated environments and had to work twice as hard to prove equality. During this time women would be overlooked for promotions, they would be denied time away from work to care for their family if they had one and they would have to go above and beyond just to prove their worth. These women eventually managed to convince many employers that they were worth it, and often better than men, and thanks to them we now live in a society which is far more accepting of many women in the workplace.

Legal Changes

Throughout the last 20 years we have seen a number of pieces of legislation passed which means that women can now have far more time to spend with their family, without facing issues in the workplace. We have seen maternity time extended and we have seen equal rights laws passed which enables women the opportunity to take some time off when they need to be a mother.

Role Models

We don’t just have the trailblazers to thank for the changing face of women in the workplace but also the strong women in business who have shown the world that it is possible to be a great mother and to run a successful company at the same time. These women are super organized, incredibly motivated and most importantly dedicated to being a mum and a businesswoman. When young girls see these strong women they are encouraged and inspired to do the same which is why we then see the next generation taking the lead and following in the footsteps of this incredible role models.

Women in Charge

As more women began to occupy CEO and management positions they understood the plight which so many go through and they too have played a key role in ensuring that more women have rights when it comes to being a mum and being a successful career woman. Thanks to their guidance and support, more women have been able to take this path.