Marc Leder – Business Lessons 101

I was very fortunate when I started out in business that I had a great mentor in Marc Leder, Marc has been a successful businessman since he was a teenager and he knows just about everything that there is to know about this industry. For me Marc was the inspiration for me getting into y own business after beginning as his assistant when I was just 18. Iw ill be forever indebted to what Marc showed me and there were certain things which he taught me that have stayed with me forever. I wanted to share Marc’s business 101 lessons in the hope that it may help you as well.

Always Market

It can be tough to find the money or the justification for spending cash on marketing when you are starting out but something which Marc always talked about was how vital it was to market your product and your business. Marc would often use the Coca-Cola example, a drink which is world-famous but has never been considered the ‘finest’ soft drink on the market. Coke are experts in marketing however and Marc would always tell me that this was why they have made it so big and so successful.

Contacts, Contacts, Contacts

Marc would always stress the importance of alliances in the world of business and this is something which he always had one eye on. Marc would talk to me about how he made certain contacts, in some cases they were actually his competition too. Marc would also recount stories of how his contacts saved him from certain situations, offering to lend a hand when he was down and that he would do the same for them. I have tried to follow this lead in my business career and it has already borne fruit on more than one occasion.

Forward Thinking

Marc was never that great at looking back, in fat he actively discouraged it and he believed that a proper business leader should always be looking ahead. Of course Marc would take lessons from the past into the future, but mainly he would be looking at what problems lie ahead and what opportunities were coming around the corner. This is what made Marc so successful and it is something which I endeavor to do every day.

Get Up

Throughout his career Marc had a huge number of setbacks and failures and he would often say that without them he wouldn’t be the success that he was. Marc’s mantra was always to get back up, learn from the failure and go again. Marc would often talk about people who didn’t have this ability and how they would never find success because of this approach. I have taken the words of Marc very seriously and there have been some setbacks which I have suffered, that I have managed to overcome thanks to Marc’s advice.

If you want to be a success in business then I’d recommend that you, like I did, learn from the brilliant Marc Leder.