Mladen Djankovic on the Importance of Technology in the Overall Strategy of a Business

Over the years, Mladen Djankovic has helped a number of entrepreneurs develop and grow their startups through sound business advice. While he emphasizes marketing and branding, Mladen acknowledges other factors equally important in the bigger picture. One of these factors is technology.

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Mladen notes that too many young entrepreneurs today prioritize cutting costs over everything else, which is unfortunate. Being too focused on saving money shields one’s

eyes from and clouds one’s judgment on making good investments. Mladen has

explained to many startup owners in the past how investing in technology is important

and worth the expense, no matter the business.

Take for instance two farms of roughly equal size. The first farm owner decides to take

out a loan and a bigger tractor. The second farm owner decides to save the money

instead and stick to his old reliable tractor. The first farm owner gets a bigger yield

come harvest season. Over time, the investment creates an inevitable gap between the

profits of the two farms.

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And that’s just one example that Mladen Djankovic gives. He also cites that old

technology wears out faster and needs more maintenance, so it theoretically is more

expensive in the long run. For this and many other reasons, Mladen urges young

business owners to always consider investing in technology.

Mladen Djankovic is a seasoned corporate strategist and marketer, with a vision and

expertise in business performance, having driven notable enterprise growth in retail,

luxury, and general consumer sectors.