Portable Restrooms on Construction Sites

Construction jobs are long and complicated and never seem to be finished on time. During construction, admin work has to be completed, and there usually is a need for sales trailers, mobile toilets, storage trailers, and more. The portable restrooms element is particularly important. They cannot be placed just anywhere, as they will need a sewer hook, running water, and an electrical service in order to operate.

It is also very important that the restrooms are in fact portable. As construction continues, new utilities are connected and people start to work on different elements of the site, which means the restrooms have to move with them. As such, everything has to be disconnected and reconnected again.

Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms are perhaps one of the most important job site trailers around. Workers have a right to bathroom facilities, which is important both for their privacy and for the overall hygiene of both your staff and the jobsite as a whole. Luckily, you can get fully portable restrooms to meet just about any needs, and these can then be moved around as construction continues on the site. In many cases, blocks of jobsite trailers are created, with a toilet trailer, an office trailer, and a storage trailer near one another, for instance. However, how you want to organize this on your particular site is entirely up to you.

What does matter is that the restrooms are really well ventilated, and that the air from the restrooms doesn’t get sent to the offices and storage rooms, however. Additionally, as stated previously, you have to be able to hook it up to all the necessary utilities. This all has to be planned properly, as well as being maintained properly. Do so, and they will last you for the duration of your construction project. Customers and employees alike will be able to enjoy the comfort of having clean restroom facilities there for them.

Problems with Portable Restroom Solutions

  1. No existing restroom and no water or sewage. This means you need a full system with all the necessary components. In fact, it can even hold a portable sink. You do, however, usually have to be able to hook it up to electricity.
  2. Existing restroom but no water or sewage. In this case, you have to install the services to the trailers. Installing a large scale water tank may just be exactly what you need.
  3. Limited Space. In this case, you need to ask for a smaller than average portable restroom, which most job site trailer places will have available.
  4. Water connection, but no sewer. You may want to get a chemical toilet to get rid of flushed waste.

Don’t take chances with your portable restrooms. Your employees are entitled to one by law, and your customers will expect there will be a restroom on site as well. And , as you can see, all the common problems sometimes associated with these job site trailers can easily be resolved.