Technology Tips for Small Businesses

One of the biggest costs for any business is the cost of technology. After paying out for employees you can expect a large proportion of your money being spent on updating the equipment and systems that are required to ensure you’re able to operate. Any mistakes you make buying IT can be costly, so here are a few useful guidelines on how to avoid throwing your good money down the drain.

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You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot

You don’t need equipment that does more than you need it to do. Decide exactly what you need from your technology and use that as a starting point. You might be considering buying a costly server, but do you really need one? You could save thousands by really examining the requirements of your business and discovering what will allow you to meet your needs. Remember that 3D printers are very cool, but does your business really need one? You might prefer a very expensive brand such as Apple, but will it really be worth spending out on their devices for your purposes? Don’t let your personal interest get in the way of making smart buying decisions.

Go Mobile

It is worth investing in tablets and a decent smart phone. These days you don’t have to be tied to the office and customers are very demanding. With mobile technology you’ll be able to work on the go and provide better customer services. You will also find mobile apps to be very useful. There are many apps designed to improve your productivity and many useful tools that could really benefit you.

If you use cloud based systems, the mobile devices will allow you to get the information you need at any time provided you’re connected to the Internet. This is extremely useful especially when you’re collaborating with others on a project.

Use Social Media – It’s Great for Marketing

Small businesses often have small advertising and marketing budgets. Social media is essentially free to use (unless you’re interested in Paid advertising and promotions). You can use it to help your SEO, provide customer support and establish your brand. You’ll need a Facebook business page, Twitter profile and never neglect Google Plus. It’s owned by the most powerful search engine and you can achieve higher positions in the search engines by sharing your content on Google Plus. While this isn’t confirmed it’s clear to see when conducting searches on Google.

Secure Your Data

You will need to protect your information and business data. To do this you’ll need to back up your files which you can do in multiple ways. When you use cloud based software your data is stored on secure servers but it’s wise to make your own copies. Always store your backed-up files off your premises in a secure location. You never know when problems might rear their ugly heads that corrupt all of your data.

Get Expert Advice

You must consult with an expert if you have no idea about IT. They will be able to ensure your systems are appropriate and working properly. You can use them to save money and improve the systems you have in place. Contact for more information.