The Best Things In Business Are Not Free: Three Software Services Worth Paying For


In your personal life, the best things in life are free, but in the business world you get what you pay for, and the best business software is never free.  There are a lot of software services that you can buy for your business, but not all of them are worth the money and not all of them will help you run your company the way that you want to run it.  For your company there are three software services that you will want to spend money on so that you can get the most from your business and your employees.


Data is the lifeblood of modern business and if you do not have your data, your company will not be able to operate effectively.  You need some kind of data backup so that if your computers become corrupted, or your company gets hacked, you will still have the information that you need to do business.  The longer your company stays down, the more business you will lose, so ensuring a quick recovery is a necessity.  Carbonite is a cloud storage backup solution that enables you to upload your data to a secure server where it is kept until you need it, and you can access that data from any computer in the world that has access to the internet.  This prevents you from having downtime, as you can recover your data quickly from their servers and you do not have to worry about physical storage at your own office.


The integration of software and coordination of information is the goal of most CRM software and SugarCRM does that better than anyone.  With Sugar your company will be able to streamline the customer acquisition and retention process through automated sales leads and the guided sales pipeline.  Sugar also allows for the customization of their software through the use of modules and add-ons that give you the functionality that you need to function properly.  Adding to or changing your SugarCRM software is free and easy, so you can make a change and go back if you do not like the change, without any additional costs.  Through Sugar your staff will feel empowered and you will see more productivity and profitability from employees in every department and at every level of the company.


Finally, you will need some kind of accounting software to keep your numbers straight and generate the reports that you will need at tax time.  You can pay an outside accountant, but that will only cost you more money in the long run and you will not have access to your data as readily as you would like.  Quickbooks does have a steep learning curve, so you will want to hire someone with experience with the program, but once you have it down, it works for you to keep your business on track and profitable.

When you are running your company, it is important to spend money on the software that your company needs.  Do not try to skimp and save money by using cheap services, because those services will not give you the support that you need when the time comes.  When you pay for the best software, your company will operate more effectively and you will see greater profits than you would otherwise.

I am Brooke Hastings and I am a small business owner with years of experience running and setting up offices.  Though Carbonite and Quickbooks have strong competitors, SugarCRM stands out in its industry.  I recommend SugarCRM the best open source CRM on the market and the most affordable customer relationship tool that businesses have available. For more information, check out this article on A beginners Guide to Business interruption Insurance