What are UX/UI design services

Who is a UX / UI designer

UI / UX designer is a creative specialist who designs user interfaces. UI and UX are two different design profiles, but most often, tasks in both directions are closely related, and therefore they are done by one universal specialist.

This profession has a long history. Any customization of the appearance of a product (packaging, ergonomics, outdoor advertising) can be called UI / UX design because, with its help, the final product becomes convenient for the buyer. The only difference is that modern UI / UX designers use modern tools.

As a rule, a UI designer works in a duet with a UX, but according to the latest trends, the duties of both employees began to be performed by one person – a UI / UX designer.

UI (“User Interface”) – and UX (“user experience”). The UI designer is responsible for rendering the application, making it usable and functional. In order for the product to be perceived comfortably through the eyes of the user, the UI specialist is responsible for the selection of shapes, colors, and other parameters. As for the UX designer, he is more responsible for the functionality of the design. The bottom line: the application is easy and convenient to use.

What is UX design

UX is the experience of working with the interface of an application or website. The user experience depends on the components: graphic design, site architecture, the responsiveness of the interface, and clear text.

In a broader sense, it refers to all the experience a user gets when interacting with an application or site. The clearer and more accessible the interface, the easier it is for the user to get the result by performing the targeted action. Mandatory responsibilities in UX design are behavioral prototyping, learning user habits, and systematic testing.

Marketing engineer. Is the other side of the UX designer. A specialist studies analytics, draws up technical specifications for copywriters, thinks over the connections between interface elements and their visual arrangement. As a result, he gets a prototype, the effectiveness of which depends directly on the quality of the work done.

What is UI design

UI design is working on the graphical part of the interface. This includes animations, photos, illustrations, buttons, menus, fonts, sliders.

The main task of a UI designer is to help a typical user quickly and easily understand how to use a product. This can be a website, an application, a payment terminal, a TV remote control, an oven. In any product, the interface must be made based on the requirements and rules common to each type of gadget.

The UI designer orchestrates the objects in the interface and checks:

  • is the dropdown working correctly
  • is it convenient to click “Order”
  • Is the text readable from a smartphone
  • is it easy to fill out the form
  • is the correct message given by the site upon action

The UI designer is responsible for how the product interface looks and how the user interacts with its elements. But you need to understand that in addition to the graphical interface, there is a voice, tactile and sound one. A UI specialist also handles them, but the graphic is the most common among his tasks.

How to become a UI \ UX designer

  1. Choose directions in design.

The choice depends on personal preference and interests. Here is a clear and convenient scheme by which you can find your interests and get a ready-made specialty:

  • The visual part of the design is graphic designers (UI).
  • The logic of product interaction with the user, user-friendly interface, analysis, and testing – user experience (UX) designers.
  • The mix of the first and the second with an in-depth study of the product – Product Designers.
  • The layout of magazines, leaflets, banners; company identity – Graphic Designers.
  1. Explore the tools for the job

Beginners should start right away with Sketch or Figma. But it is recommended to have basic skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as often these programs improve.

If you have already decided on UI \ UX in design, you need to study vacancies in this area. They clearly and according to the list indicate the tools that the candidate for the position should own.

What a UI / UX designer needs to know and what to own:

  • Sketch (interface design)
  • Figma (interface design with the ability to collaborate)
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (additional functionality)
  • Adobe XD (prototyping, interface design)
  • Invision App (Collaborative Prototyping)
  • Balsamiq (creating layouts)
  • RedPen (collective problem book)
  • Notion (task manager)
  • Framer (design of interactive mobile interfaces)

The demand in the labor market depends on experience, skills, portfolio. All this should be clearly and understandably placed on the resume. The first thing a UI / UX designer needs to do is build a portfolio.

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